The Best Promotional Channels to Market a Wedding Planning Business

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Planning a wedding is a challenging task for couples these days. From the wedding gown, rings, invitations, food, and reception, a wedding should not just be complete, but it should be perfect no matter what. But with all the number of wedding planners online, the problem becomes more difficult for couples to find the best wedding planner for their big day.

Couples look for wedding planners that will give them peace of mind from the wedding preparations to the wedding day itself. That is why the wedding industry has become more competitive as wedding planners face huge competition and wedding services increased in market demand.

Since wedding planning is a structured job and can be very demanding, the business requires a strong marketing strategy to increase the client base. In fact, marketing shouldn’t be hard for modern wedding planners. Through the Internet, it is easier to build connections and acquire leads if done the right way. With this in mind, here are some promotion ideas to help your wedding planning business acquire new leads.

Collaborate with other wedding services

Weddings are massive affairs that require various services to satisfy the diverse tastes of every wedding couple. Whether you’re a wedding planner or an entrepreneur who manages an all-inclusive wedding service, you still need to outsource to get your name out there.

Start by listing the wedding products and services that your clients look for but you don’t offer. These include great wedding venues, photographers, florists, caterers, bridal attires, reception venues, and the list goes on. To narrow down your search, choose agencies and vendors nearby your area. This way, it will be easier to collaborate when a client requires you to work with them.

Working with vendors is a win-win situation for you and the business owner. Through reverse promotion, both parties will serve as a promotional channel to produce successful leads. You can also showcase their brand or logos in your website or marketing material. When a couple avails of your service, make sure to recommend your network so that they will also do the same whenever someone inquires.

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Establish online presence

Women often spend plenty of time planning for their wedding to make sure everything is flawless. Besides referrals from families and friends, couples turn to wedding websites and magazines for inspiration and advice. The most effective promotional channel is through wedding websites, where you can get writeups, mentions, or backlinks.

Getting published on popular wedding websites is your best bet. You can consult a PR firm to get media coverage. But if you cannot afford a PR consultant, use the power of your website and social media to boost your online presence.

Since most businesses get their leads from online channels, take this opportunity to build your personal brand. Growing a business online doesn’t require too much money and effort. In fact, there are plenty of website builders out there to create a fully functional website. All it takes is a great user interface and a mobile-optimized platform to encourage more couples to check out your services and products.

While you’re at it, write compelling content and landing pages to encourage more visitors to your site. You may also invest in SEO techniques to boost your rankings in search engines such as Google.

Engage with clients

All businesses always hope for repeat customers. Although a wedding often happens “once”, you can still engage with your existing clients by asking for referrals. Your current clients are great promoters of your business by giving you referrals and leads. This often happens when satisfied couples recommend your service to their friends who plan to get married soon.

Even the visitors of a wedding reception can be your potential leads. On the day of the wedding, make sure to have plenty of calling cards with you in case some guests ask for your contact number.

Since women often rely on their close-knit groups, they trust the advice or opinions of a family member or friend about services they need. This can be a great promotional channel if you made a lasting impression with previous clients. Do this by sending simple gestures such as personalized postcards, custom gifts, and referral programs with coupons or incentives.

As much as possible, give them the best wedding services so the next time someone asks them about a wedding planner, your clients will immediately recommend you.

Marketing your wedding business is all about improving visibility on online channels, publishing relevant content, and getting more referrals. While there are plenty of marketing strategies to experiment with, the suggestions above will help boost your marketing campaign and acquire more future clients.

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