Post-Breakup Self-care: Getting The Love You Deserve

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Breakups are rough, and when it’s really that bad, it can send someone down through a spiral of pain, self-doubt, and hurt that can last for a couple of days and even as long as a couple of months. We all take pain differently, and when you are deeply connected and resonated with a person, it can be tough to let go.

However, we also know way too well that it isn’t healthy to wallow in that type of pain, and no one deserves to feel that way for any amount of time because that can leave lasting scars and emotional trauma. So, today we’ll be finding our comfort zones, getting in touch with our safe spaces, and learning how to handle post-breakup self-care.

Let It Out, But Don’t Wallow In Sadness For Too Long.

Before anything else, if you haven’t let out a good cry in a long time, then we strongly recommend doing so. There’s no reason to be bottling up those emotions, so we encourage you to throw a fit and let out your ugliest cry because that’s what both the heart and mind need right now. If you want to grow stronger from all of this, letting it all out is the very first step.

#1 Take A Break From Social Media

Number one, you might want to get off the socials in the meantime because that’s just going to stack up unnecessary stress on your plate. Sure, you might want to read about the latest fashion trends, but loving yourself takes priority now. We can manage all the other things you want to do after.

  • Don’t Post About It: We get it, you feel bad and just want to scream out all that pain into the world, but trust us, anything you type from here on out is something you’ll regret later. So, refuse the urge to pick up your phone and start typing away because that’s not going to help you. Now’s the time for mindfulness.
  • Blocking Can Help: As a good rule of thumb, we suggest blocking your ex so that you don’t get notified by anything they’re doing or posting about. Yes, some people claim that it doesn’t matter, but it still puts you at the risk of resurging any of that pain, and none of us want that to happen. Give your mind peace, and don’t shy away from the block button.

#2 Give Back To Your Mind And Body

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Number two, you’ll want to redirect all of that negative energy and emotion into something more productive, like giving back to your mind and body. Move past all the negativity that’s swirling in your thoughts and clouding your good judgment, and try your best to focus on something else. It’s not dodging the problem if you’re turning the bad energy into something positive.

  • Fight Anger With Exercise: It may sound like age-old advice, but fighting anger with exercise and a good sweat has proven to work again and again. So, if you’ve been planning to hit the gym and get back into shape, use that anger to work on your body and get the goals you want to achieve.
  • Take Away Pain With Good Food: Apart from exercise, nothing beats biting into a good salad or indulging yourself with a freshly baked pecan pie. In fact, cooking itself is already therapeutic, which means experimenting in the kitchen is a great place to be. But, try not to eat way too much because being too full ruins the taste.

#3 Cut Yourself Some Slack

Number three, don’t be hard on yourself, refrain from thinking too hard about blame, and cut yourself some slack. Doing any of those things will only hurt you even more and prevent you from bouncing back, so be gentle and nice with your soul. We both know you deserve it, so don’t shy away from a bit of pampering.

  • Splurge A Little: If you’ve been dying to buy a Guess handbag online or have been wanting new art supplies in forever, then don’t be stringy and splurge a little. Buying things for your happiness and entertainment is a great way to take your mind off of the bad and helps you focus on the good. Just remember to keep within your means and not blow away your budget with one purchase.

#4 Call Your Friends

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And, most importantly, call your friends and don’t leave them out. We can probably guess that they’re worried sick about you and want to be there at your side to comfort you, so ring them up and rely on them. Just as you would be there for them in their darkest of times, they will be here for you at your roughest moments.

There’s Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Overall, we want to emphasize that this bad breakup does not define nor does it destroy your chances of ever falling in love again. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so just focus on yourself for now because the one for you is waiting at the end.

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