Pointers for Caring for Mala Beads

Mala bead yoga namaste

Mala beads are famous for their healing energies, as well as their ability to help a person get through their daily lives. Each set of beads is usually made to represent the person’s energy, which means that mala jewelry is very personal and would have to be cleansed before use.

Today, we will discuss how you should care for your mala beads so that you can keep your precious jewelry for as long as you want.

Clean Your Beads

Before using your mala beads, it is a must to clean them because they absorb your energy. Mala beads also adapt to your surroundings and situations, which means that it is a must to wash them now and then.

If you want to clean the beads, you can leave them under the moonlight or sunlight. Doing so during a full moon is much better. Additionally, you can surround your mala beads with your favorite gemstones to transfer their energies to the mala. You can also use a Tibetan singing bowl to produce a cleansing vibration and sound.

Do Not Expose Your Beads to Sweat and Chemicals

Japa mala rosary

You should avoid exposing your mala beads to sweat and harsh chemicals as these can take a toll on your knotting cord. Take your beads off when showering or going to the gym so that you do not have to worry about damaging them.

Additionally, you should avoid wearing your beads while sleeping. You might accidentally pull or tug on them, which can affect both the knotting cord and the mala beads. You should avoid wrapping the mala beads around your wrist as this can shorten their life.

Store Your Beads Properly

Do not discard the pouch of the mala beads because you can use it to store your mala beads when you are not using them. You should protect your beads from negative energy when you are not wearing them, which is why it is essential to store them in a closed pouch.

Cleansing mala beads from negative energy is different from cleaning it to keep the gunk away from it. Mala beads might become a little bit darker over time, but you can combat this by cleaning them now and then.

Take a glass of warm water and soak your mala beads overnight. In the morning, take a soft toothbrush and brush all of the gunk away from the beads. Leave them to dry, but make sure that they are safe from direct sunlight as this might darken or damage the beads.

If your mala beads break, don’t despair. This usually means that this specific set has achieved its goal, and you should consider getting a new set. Once you do get a new one, make sure to clean it and repeat all of the steps listed above. If you are unsure about washing your mala beads, then have an expert do it for you instead since cleaning it is an essential task that you should not miss. If you need more suggestions, consult an expert.

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