Strategic Management: Planning for Your Company’s Survival

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Covid-19 made the deficiencies of our hospital system obvious. It also caused the global economy to backslide. Our financial situation is so dire that it will take years after the pandemic for the world to recover. Things look even bleaker for owners of small businesses. On top of the monetary issues, they must also tackle a staffing problem.

The path that lies in front of you is challenging. But with well-thought-of strategies, you will be able to overcome them. You might be wondering what should come first. Do not fret! We are here to help you.

What Makes Consumers Tick

You may already have an existing base of loyal customers. But ask yourself if there are enough people to keep you afloat. Take note that there were drastic movements at the height of the pandemic. Your patrons may no longer be in the community. You might have to reassess the existing market.

You can, of course, use the free data accumulated by the government. But this limits your insight into the market. You cannot identify what makes the (existing) consumers tick. You may also use the feedback from the different social media platforms. But again, this only gives you a restricted view.

We highly suggest reaching out to a market research consultant. She may be able to break down what makes each generation tick. Her output will prevent you from generalizing individual age groups. Thus, you can plan appropriately for your business’s future.

Let us say that your company serves the nearby suburban communities. Even with the pandemic, there was no seismic movement. In this case, is there still a need to conduct a survey? Yes, there is. You cannot afford to base your decisions on assumptions.

A full-scale feasibility study may be expensive. But it is worth the cost because you can rely on the data gathered. It will help define the path that your business will take.

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Redefining Your Business

Once you have the data in your hands, you can proceed with the planning. Ask yourself if your company can financially survive if it continues with its current path. Or do you need to diversify? If there is no need to change course, can your business expand?

Let us say that you run a furniture store. Considering that you stage your shop to help your clients visualize how the pieces will look in their homes. In this case, why don’t you offer an interior decorating service?

For example, a customer wants to buy furniture for her bedroom. In this scenario, you may dispense your advice for free. You can help your client with how you can arrange the pieces to hide the bed fan. Or what color schemes will work well with her home’s overall vibe.

Even if you choose not to charge your customers for your decorating advice, you have strengthened your company’s foundation. Clients will associate your brand with top-notch customer service as you proactively extend your expertise in helping them. It will become your competitive edge.

Tools of the Trade

We mentioned earlier that companies are having a hard time filling up job vacancies. This dilemma causes a catastrophic domino effect on the economy as businesses cannot meet customer demands. It also brings about frustration on the existing team as managers heavily rely on them. To counter these problems, you must invest in the appropriate equipment.

Doing this will improve your staff’s efficiency. Thus, it lessens the frustration within your team. In the long run, it will help in employee retention. Let us take things up a notch by discussing an example. In this illustration, let us assume that you run a restaurant and that the lockdown caused your kitchen machinery to rust.

You can purchase the needed machinery with the government’s financial aid. Or you can also opt for equipment financing schemes. If you choose this, it will give you more financial leeway. It will allow you to set aside the cash for expenses that arise in the natural course of business.

Another option is equipment leasing. In this arrangement, you do not have to worry about the machinery’s maintenance. The downside of this is that you cannot apply the related deductions to your financial statements. You will treat it the same way as property rental.

NPR reported that almost 200 million people received their Covid-19 vaccines. It means that we are almost at the end of this dark tunnel. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the economy. But you can bolster your company’s financial standing with the steps enumerated in this article.

You can modify them to fit your company’s needs. They can help your business survive the economic downfall. Best of all, you can use them to expand your industrial empire.

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