Should Offices Have Outdoor Break Areas?

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Offices are most known for being places of high productivity and intense work. Every person is working towards finishing their tasks. And the general atmosphere of every office is geared towards being productive.

Taking Breaks and What They Mean for Offices

Indeed, offices are a powerhouse for productivity. But despite the hard work being done inside these places, those who work in them still need to take breaks. This is an important factor that complements how people operate.

For one, breaks are highly helpful for reducing stress during work hours. Exerting effort to finish tasks can be incredibly stressful. This stress needs to be controlled if workers want to avoid certain effects such as fatigue and headaches.

Also, taking these adequate breaks helps workers be more productive. These breaks prevent workers from being overwhelmed by their tasks. This is why every office should ensure that their workers get enough breaks between productivity sprints.

For these reasons, many offices invest in good break rooms. These are spaces allow workers to get quality breathers in the workplace. However, some office spaces take these rest areas to a different level.

Outdoor Spaces in the Work Setting

It can be common for rest areas and break rooms to be located inside the office. This is most true for those that work in skyscrapers in highly urbanized areas. On the other hand, other offices have the benefit of having outdoor areas.

Many outdoor spaces can be underutilized by these offices. However, those with resources often turn these outdoor spaces into break areas. Some even manage to fully spruce these spaces by using rustic barnwood beams for roofing and pairing them with professional landscaping.

But as stated, this will not be experienced by every office worker. This may put them at a disadvantage. With that, how do these outdoor areas impact the way office workers operate?

Outdoor Spaces for Higher Quality Breaks

A Refreshing Change of Scenery

One of the best things that outdoor spaces can provide for workers is the change of scenery. Every worker will always need a breather when faced with numerous tasks. They need something that can take their minds from the stress of work, even for a short while. This calls for a refreshing change in scenery.

With outdoor spaces, workers can completely get away from the stress of their tasks. There aren’t any stimuli present that can remind them of the jobs they have to get back to. Being outside may help get the reset they need to prepare for their tasks again.

Inherent Therapeutic Effects of the Outdoors

It’s also worth noting that the simple act of taking a step outside can already be helpful for people who experience heavy stress. This is a valuable tool, especially in workplaces where stress is most experienced. Employees can easily spend a moment outside to help them control their stress.

Of course, one of the main reasons some outdoor spaces can be so relaxing is the presence of nature. Elements of nature such as plants are observed to have therapeutic effects on a person. These factors help control anxiety and can even help improve one’s attention.

With that, it would be wise for offices to maximize any outdoor space that they have. To do this, they should incorporate elements of nature to ensure that workers experience its full benefits. If they have the right resources, they can create small gardens with resting spaces for their employees. Not only will this help people take better breaks, but it can also liven up the overall atmosphere of the workplace.

Higher Quality of Breaks

These factors essentially help achieve higher quality breaks. Some people think that stopping for a few seconds of work counts as a legitimate break. But these so-called breaks do not necessarily let the brain rest.

Workers cannot experience the full benefits of breaks if they take low-quality breaks that do not rest the mind. Doing so may even be counterproductive to their overall performance at work. Outdoor spaces in their workspaces allow them to elevate the quality of their breaks.

What Does This Mean for the Company?

With these massive positive effects, outdoor break areas can impact companies on a large scale. This is because most effects of having an outdoor break area are geared towards employee satisfaction. They help workers be happier with their work.

Of course, satisfied workers are always good for any company. Happy employees were observed to be 13% more productive than those who have less positive perceptions of their work. With good outdoor spaces for break areas, companies may be contributing to their workers’ productivity.

Also, satisfied workers may stay longer with a single company. With a smaller attrition rate, companies can save expenses on hiring and training initiatives. This also ensures that their operations stay efficient.

All these important goals for the company may be achieved with the help of a good outdoor break area. With that, it may be wise for companies to invest in an outdoor break area if their space allows it. These spaces are beneficial not only for their employees but also for an organization’s overall success.

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