Moderating Mood: Why Comfort Food is Good for You

comfort food

People cope with stress in a lot of ways, and one of them is eating comfort food. Unfortunately, for those who are health-conscious, there’s always an argument against them, saying that they can make you gain weight easily or that they’re bad for your health in general.

Eating comfort food, however, doesn’t mean that you automatically binge on it. If you consume it in moderation, it can actually work for your well-being. Here are some reasons it’s okay to go ahead and eat some comfort food.

You Can Still Gain Nutrition

People have different preferences in comfort food, and not all of them are in the junk food category. For example, getting a pizza delivery from Main Street, Vancouver, can still provide you with carbohydrates and protein, as well as some vitamins, depending on the variant you order. That can still be healthy as long as you don’t eat too much. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also make your own healthy version of this comfort food that you like the most.

You Become Relaxed

Some people say that feeling relaxed with comfort food is all in one’s head. In a way, it is. Your brain can associate certain kinds of food with certain memories, which trigger feelings linked to those memories. In this case, comfort food tends to be connected to happy recollections, which make you relaxed. Also, you can feel sleepy when you feel full, partly because of this contentment, and partly because your body starts to focus on digesting your food.

You Can Feel Happy Even for a Moment

Aside from making you relax, comfort food can also make you happy. It can trigger your brain to release chemicals that make you feel joyful. If you’re thinking of getting your favorite dessert to help you get over pain, feel free to get some of it. Again, you just have to make sure that you don’t eat too much and feel guilty instead.

You Can Reduce Depression

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Are you feeling down in the dumps? It’s good to know that there are certain comfort food that helps your brain produce more chemicals and keep negative emotions at bay. Examples of these are dark chocolate as well as chocolate malt drinks. With reduced negativity, it can be easier for you to do more productive activities and keep your mind on the positive. Also, you can even simulate the feeling of being in love when you go for these kinds of food.

Do you feel that everything is going downhill in your life? You might want to eat something to make yourself feel better, but at the same time, you’re hesitant. However, as long as you decide to control your portions, you can feel free to have a bite of your favorite comfort food. If you’re not under dietary restrictions, then you might as well enjoy the moment and feel happy about eating something that you like. It can be a way of exercising gratitude for the good things that you have in life.

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