Five Effective Ways to Market Your Home Construction Firm amid the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted various industries worldwide, but not quite for the construction industry. Why? Home Advisor released its 2021 State of Home Spending report showing the expenditures of home improvement projects last year. Many homeowners pursued interior painting, bathroom remodeling, flooring installation, landscaping service, and kitchen renovation, among others.

As home improvement projects have boomed since the onset of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that the construction industry’s been thriving. Many households will continue to renovate their houses this year. However, this doesn’t mean that your construction firm must be complacent. If you want to boost your profit, you must be robust in promoting your construction business.

Here’s how to market your residential construction firm amid the pandemic:

1. Create or update your website

A business website is no longer an option this day. Whether your run an online store or brick-or-mortar business, you must have a website. As a construction firm, your website serves as a digital hub to promote your construction services, post your portfolio, and even publish your clients’ feedback.

Through your website, you can communicate with your clients and conduct business transactions with them. If you have a dormant website, be sure to update it with the user experience (UX) in mind. Doing so is all the more necessary during this pandemic, as most clients communicate and transact online.

2. Use social media channels

Recent statistics show there are almost 4.50 billion social media users across the globe. Social media channels are where people live and breathe. Consumers stay on social media for long hours almost every day, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

If you want to reach out to your target clients, you can take advantage of social media. A perfect example is how Facebook advertising allows you to target your ads to your prospective clients. You can do this simply by filtering your target demographics for your ads. When done properly, your ads will appear on the news feed of your target clients. This can translate into a boost in your profit.

3. Employ SEO strategies


Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to put your content or site on top of the search-engine results pages (SERPs). This means that when your potential clients look for a construction firm via a search engine, your site or content will appear on the top ranking or at least the first page of SERPs. As a result, SEO will drive traffic to your website, where leads can translate into clients.

Employing SEO is now more important than ever. To do this, be sure to optimize your website with the UX in mind. Also, strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Plus, don’t forget to write valuable content pieces and incorporate relevant keywords. That way, your prospective clients will see your content and visit your website. Lastly, be sure to build backlinks to establish your site authority.

4. Produce promotional video clips

When it comes to promotional content, videos are deemed effective. Why? Videos are easily digestible and quite memorable to viewers. In fact, 85 percent of web users watch video content every month, and 54 percent of them want to view more video content.

As 87 percent of marketers are now posting videos for marketing, you should consider doing so for your construction business. You can promote your home renovation projects and show your finished outputs via video clips. You can publish these clips on your website and social media channels.

5. Promptly respond to quotes and proposals

As many homeowners are thinking about renovating their houses, you might be getting tons of quotes and even proposals. But while it’s one thing to have prospects contact you, it’s another to win sure clients. Your goal is to present these clients with construction details to make them choose your construction firm, among many others.

For quotes, be sure to strike a balance between affordability and quality of service. In fact, it’s a good idea to offer some discounts knowing that the construction industry is booming during this pandemic. For requests for proposal (RFPs) sent by affluent clients for big residential projects, send an enticing proposal using RFP response software.

As the construction industry is thriving, you must strike while the iron is hot. Be sure to market your home construction firm the best way you can during this pandemic. Start by updating your website, using social media, and employing SEO. Plus, don’t forget to produce videos and effectively respond to proposals. All these will help you gain more and more clients, ultimately boosting your business profits.

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