Looking Like a Country Pop Star: The Styling Techniques

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Country music is a diverse genre, and it’s more than what people realize. Apart from the stereotypes, country singers and pop stars have built their music with authenticity. Their lives are a far cry from the dirt farms of Arkansas or the hollers of West Virginia. In fact, their music has ventured all throughout the different states and even the rest of the world. It’s no wonder that many of them are breaking the records, both nationally and internationally, whenever they release a new piece.

Another thing that makes country singers stand out is the way they dress. As much as people love country music, they also love the fashion style of their music icons. In some cases, it will come to a point that they will dress accordingly — whether it’s their everyday wear or when they attend themed events.

Loving the way these country pop stars look and style themselves? Well, you don’t need to get an expensive stylist just to dress you up like them. Here, A.A. Callister and fashion experts will give you a few tips on how you can style yourself to look like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, or Miranda Lambert. Make sure to read on to get some tips when buying women’s or men’s cowboy and cowgirl boots for sale:

1. Go for a White Dress

Yes, it can be as simple as wearing a white dress and looking like a country pop star. It does not matter if it is long or short — as long as it is plain white, sleeveless, and even simple, it can pass as a dress for a dainty Southern belle like yourself.

Match your dress with a nice pair of closed shoes with heels or amazing cowgirl boots. Don’t forget some accessories and you are good to go.

2. Try Going for the Off-Shoulder

Choose an off-shoulder dress and wear it with a pair of cowgirl boots and boom — you got yourself an ensemble that screams “Cowgirl!” all over. Aside from it being totally chic, you can never go wrong with an off-shoulder dress, as it is extremely comfortable. If you don’t have a dress, then at least an off-shoulder top will do. Pair it with some good denim pants or shorts and that’s it.

Wear these fashion statements with a pair of hoop earrings or any hand jewelry to spice things up. Skip the necklace, as the off-shoulder already highlights your neckline and collarbone. If you still must, then make sure you don’t overdo it.

3. Mix and Match Those Fabrics

wearing brown boots

While going for a plain white dress is pretty classic, you can never go wrong with mixing and matching bold fabrics as well. You can wear a simple plain dress and pair it with a bold jacket or vest. If that is not your thing, then try pairing a plain off-shoulder top and rugged jeans with a pair of brown leather boots.

It’s all about mixing the plain with the bold and adding a few touches of accessories here and there to make your look truly Westernized. Go give them a try.

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