Living in an Adorable World: Ideas for the Adorable Home app

Are you looking for a new activity that doesn’t tire you out but relaxes you? Do you love cats but can’t afford to take care of one? Or are you interested in engaging in a virtual relationship? If the answer is yes to all three questions, then there is the perfect mobile app that captures the mentioned criteria called Adorable Home. It is a guarantee that this new app will spark nothing but joy.

What is Adorable Home?

Developed by HyperBeard, the largest mobile game developer based in Mexico, Adorable Home is a simulation game where the end-user selects a partner and builds an ‘adorable home’ with him or her. Following this, the end-user designs the house based on a variety of furniture items to choose from and, more importantly, can adopt as many as twelve (12) cats! The best part is that this game is free for download in both Apple and Android. Despite its success, the app has a lot of potential and room for development, so here are three (3) compelling ideas that can be taken into consideration:

1. Establish a feature on veterinary practice management

Like humans, animals have their clinical needs too, and keeping the cats healthy in this game is essential to help the end-user gain more love points. Including interactive veterinary practice management available in the software, the end-user can set up an appointment for health consultations or grooming purposes, with cats having their medical records in the end. In this way, the game will be more fun and realistic at the same time.

2. Additional playtime features between the couple, and between the cats and visiting animals

Other ways to gain love points are when the end-user prepares meals for his or her significant other and when animals visit the end user’s home. These animals can be conventional pets like dogs or exotic animals such as koalas and flamingos. They are found anywhere in the end user’s house, but mostly in the garden. To upgrade this, it’s best to add a feature where the couple can role play and participate in an actual conversation. Moreover, the end-users’ cats and the visiting animals can interact or play with each other for added variety.

3.Creating color schemes and rotational movement for furniture items

garden design

While there are colors to pick from, they are highly limited.  Perhaps the end users can have options to customize the colors of their furniture items. In relation to this, the end-users can determine the color gradient as well. But more than customizing colors, there should be a feature on freely moving furniture items around the house. This means that the end-user can place an item wherever it satisfies him or her. Items can possibly be rotated to the left or right or placed against the wall.

Overall, Adorable Home is currently a universal trend on social media. Netizens all over the world enjoy virtually planning and living a life with a virtual partner — from decorating the different rooms of the house to treating cats like their own kin. It is exciting what the developers have in store to expand this game, and hopefully, they can integrate these suggestions in the future.

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