Listen Up, Lazy Ladies: The Tamad Girl’s Guide to Having Perfect Skin

Pretty much everyone has been so engrossed with the skincare craze lately — except of course the unique species of womankind: the lazy ladies. Girls who don’t have the energy and time to lay some sheet masks on, rummage through long racks of serums and creams in department stores, and endure the 10, 20-step regimens of popular Instagram influencers. If you’re the type, you may be wondering if there’s a way to get that perfect, glowing, smooth skin, sans all the fuss and hassle. The good news is, yes, there is.

Back to the Basics

In truth, skincare routines need not be complicated. In fact, if you strip down regimens, the steps boil down to three: get rid of irritants, treat problems, and refresh the skin. That said, you should stock up on the basics: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, sunscreen, and if necessary, acne treatment. Cleansers are water-soluble products that remove oil and make-up, preventing clogged pores and dull-looking skin. This should give your face a clean slate that will make the other products you’ll apply later to work better. Toners are for replenishing the skin, hydrating it better and fixing red patches or dry spots. If you have oily skin, this can help minimize pores. Exfoliants remove the dead skin cells on the surface, leaving your skin brighter and more glowing. Goodbye lines and wrinkles, too. Sunscreens, of course, keep the skin protected. You know how damaging those UV rays are for your delicate skin. As for the acne treatment, topical creams that have benzoyl peroxide can address that redness and those bumps.

The only thing you have to remember when stacking up these essentials is your skin type. Make sure to know exactly what’s yours, read the label on the products, and follow accordingly. If you’re planning to buy Korean skincare (and makeup, while you’re already at it), see the ingredients and do a little bit of research if they’re okay and safe for your skin type. Do note also that while you only have to focus on five products, at best, four, if you’re free of zits, there’s one other way to lower that number and make this even less complicated for you: go for multitasking products. You’ll find a lot of 2-in-1, 3-in-one beauty items out there, which does a lot for a single swipe.

Less is More

The lazy girl in you not only needs the essentials. You should also be able to make it easier for you to use such essentials. Think of your most lazy moments. Like that time when you return home from a long day at work, and you want to change into your Pj’s, chill on Netflix, until you doze off. But — you can’t yet. You still have make-up on. How do you make it less hassle for you to do your nighttime ritual? Well, one thing you can do is to stash towelettes or micellar water and your essentials at your bedside. Now, even if you do bury yourself in bed immediately after going home, you can reach easily the products you need to wipe off all that make-up, dirt, and grime on your face. Another hack is to store all your essentials in one place. If you can designate an area solely for beauty products, better, but if you’re limited in space and you can only keep items in a medicine cabinet, that’s fine, just move the products you always use in the morning and at night in front, so you won’t dig through so much stuff and waste time.

Skin Care for Lazy Ladies

a beauty cream with flowers beside it

Just because you’re too lazy for a facial or a 15-minute sheet mask action doesn’t mean you can’t have bomb skin. You have to take note of two things: essential products and quick, hassle-free routines. Got it? Now, get that perfect glass skin.

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