Leaving for a Vacation? Increase Your Home Security First

According to a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 72.4 percent of all burglaries in the country occur when the homeowners are away, typically on vacations. When a home is left unguarded for long periods, criminals would have control over the property.

But these incidents don’t have to mean you’ll have to cancel those plane tickets and not go on vacation anymore. One option is to install a home security system, which would include an alarm and cameras. Another option is to make sure your house is never without a resident.

“Someone is Home”

Thieves look for signs that you’re on a vacation. These include a full mailbox, cluttered newspapers and flyers on your doorstep, empty trash cans, and an overgrown lawn. They also look at your doors and windows for any sign of activity. Burglars proceed with their plan once they confirm no one’s home.

Here’s what you can do to trick them:

Download an app that lets you control smart light bulbs in your home.

Lights maintain the impression that you’re home. Buy a smart light bulb that you can place near windows to create the illusion that someone is home. There are apps you can download that lets you turn these smart light bulbs on and off when you’re away.

Plant fake decals and signs saying your home has a dog and a security camera.

angry dog

Decals that say you have security systems installed could potentially scare burglars away. Stickers that say you have a guard dog as well can ward them off. Back up your fake dog sticker by putting out a food bowl for your pet. Leaving proof out for the thief to see will give your signs credibility.

Ask your neighbors for help.

While you’re away, you can ask your neighbours for help. They can take your newspapers, mail, and flyers for you. They may even water your plants; anything to keep some semblance of a normal routine to make it seem that you’re home.

Of course, these tricks may only go so far in securing your property from thieves. You may want to look into substantial measures to keep burglars out. And your first target should be your doors.

Secure Your Entrances

Statistics show that 34 percent of all burglaries occur through the front door, 22 percent enter through the back door, and 23 percent enter through the first-floor window. These numbers tell you that thieves find it easy breaking in through the main points of entry in your home.

So investing in double locks and security doors makes sense. Some security doors that are stylish come with steel bars and three layers of tempered glass panels that make it extremely difficult to break in. You can also change your locks frequently, or switch to heavy-duty, deadbolt locks for maximum security.

A report from the University of North Carolina suggests that 60 percent of convicted burglars changed their mind about a robbery once they saw a security system. Thieves look for easy entrances and exits; if it will take them more time to break in, they’re likely to pass on your property.

Vacations are necessary. But keep your home and valuables secure before you book that flight, so you can enjoy a worry-free time away from work.

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