Keep Your Facility Compliant by Avoiding These Common Hazardous Waste Violations

barrels of toxic waste

Companies that generate hazardous waste of any size should manage and dispose of their waste in a safe and compliant manner. Enviro Care Inc. says that the improper disposal of hazardous waste can cause substantial harm to the environment and public health. On top of that, businesses that don’t take care of their hazardous waste properly face significant penalties and fines. If you want to keep your facility compliant, make sure you avoid these dangerous waste violations:

Failure to Conduct Weekly Inspections

Inspections of hazardous waste containers and areas should occur every week to avoid citations. One tip that can help you stay on track is to perform the inspection on the same day each week. Make sure your facility has a backup inspector. If the regular inspector is absent from work or is on vacation, your backup personnel can fill in for the worker and allow your facility to stay compliant with the inspection requirement.

Not Meeting the Contingency Plan Requirements

The goal of a hazardous waste contingency plan is to reduce the hazards to the environment and human health from explosions, fires, or an unplanned release of hazardous waste. Operators or owners of facilities that generate hazardous waste must implement this plan. The content of the contingency plan should include a list of emergency equipment and coordinators along with emergency procedures and details.

Failure to Allot Sufficient Aisle Space

When you’re storing hazardous waste, make sure to arrange each container in a way that permits unobstructed exit and movement in case of an emergency. Additionally, the containers should not block the area where you’re storing your emergency equipment. This area should be accessible at all times.

Remember that you can prevent hazardous waste violations when you perform inspections weekly, meet the requirements for your contingency plan, and make adequate aisle space in your facility. If you need further assistance in storing and disposing of hazardous waste, look for an on-site waste management team for your facility.

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