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The home is a wonderful space for the whole family to find safety and comfort in. To further add a sense of warmth and safety to the place, people try to bring a piece of nature to their home’s interiors. Many settle with simple home decorations that add a green color to some parts of their home.

The psychology of the color green evokes calmness, motivation, and optimism that people surely benefit from. But for those who commit to the aesthetic, organic living space is the main goal that can give many benefits to the body and the soul. Here are some green and organic home design ideas to make your house feel more in tune with nature.

House Plants

Placing indoor houseplants in different rooms of the house is a simple way to add a touch of green to your home. House plants give plenty of benefits to the occupants of any home. Their natural, calming colors can help to reduce stress. They also help make the air in your home cleaner as scientists found that they can slightly improve air quality in enclosed and polluted rooms.

House plants are also there to give you something to take care of. They only need some sunlight and water to grow into a silent roommate in your home. You have the option of growing herbs, flowering plants, and succulents that do not require lots of attention from you.

Vertical Garden

If you have a smaller home that cannot accommodate many potted indoor plants, you may benefit from having a vertical garden that only takes up wall space. Vertical gardens can be constructed in different methods. Some hang pots of plants on the ceiling near the wall to house any plant that you like.

Some use planters on top of one another to create a slightly tilted wall of easily watered plants. But others install the plants directly on the wall, using beautiful reindeer moss as a background for succulents, vines, or other more colorful and striking plants. Vertical gardens with real plants are good statement pieces, but artificial plants can give the same effect if constructed properly.

Natural Wood

Natural wood can add a classic and organic feel to any room. The exposed grain of the wood with the colors enhanced only by subtle stains and varnish also helps make the home look more understated compared to the usual in-your-face grand and luxurious modern homes.

Different kinds of wood have different grain patterns, so find the ones that will suit your taste. Wood can be incorporated in most parts of the home, like on the floors, the walls, furniture, doors, and many more. Try to balance this hardwood with other softer-looking materials to keep the space cozy and homey.



More modern homes that fully embrace the trend of technology use artificial lights to illuminate the interiors, so it is only logical to use sunlight to achieve the opposite effect (although you can mix the two to counterbalance each other). Natural light from the outside can open up a space and make it feel closer to nature. Uncover your windows to let in the light or have a skylight installed in the more enclosed spaces in your home.

Floral Decorations

Flowers also add that romantic and natural vibe to any home. Simply arranging flowers in a vase as a centerpiece for a room can help you achieve this effect. You can go big by bundling big flowers to create a European style of arrangement or more subtle with an Oriental design, going for a more simplistic and minimalist approach in placing the flowers. Think of how the colors of the flowers can add to the beauty of your home and how the fragrance of different flowers can change the mood in a room.

These design choices can all be made to help you achieve a more natural and organic-looking home. Depending on the size of your house, you can make use of only a couple or even all of them to maximize the green ambiance in your home. But a truly “green” home puts sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives at the forefront.

You can buy products made from recycled, repurposed, or renewable materials to actually contribute to the conversation of our planet. After all, nature is not just an aesthetic. It is a way of life that has to be preserved to continue living in comfort. With this, let us try to incorporate green products and methods in our homes and lives.

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