Hotel Management: A Guide to Improving Room Service

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Some individuals opt to invest in a franchise or private hotel to earn more money. But for others, it’s more than just a financial commitment. Managing a hotel is a passion for serving the guests and providing them with memorable accommodation experiences. It’s all about ensuring the satisfaction of the guests to make them come back and spread the word about your place.

If you’re in the hotel business, one crucial aspect to focus on is the quality of your room service. Hotel guests will always be seeking convenience, especially when ordering meals or making special requests. It’s a general rule for hotels to offer accessible dining choices, which are crucial for earning hotel stars. In this blog, we’ll explore more about the hotel room service and how you can improve it.

1. Revisit food and beverage choices

The food and beverage options that your hotel room service offers play a major role in guest satisfaction. Check your current hotel menu and make a few changes to it. For instance, design the menu and highlight your top five food items and five drinks based on the previous months’ orders. It’s also best if you’ll remove the least ordered items from your menu and change them into something more interesting or seasonal.

If you’re a new hotel, some of the front runners to include on your menu are burgers and orange juice. Pasta is also an amazing addition, but it’s a bit more popular in the cities. You can also have a clearer idea of what to add to your hotel menu by considering your target guests. For instance, you should have alcoholic beverages if you’re servicing city dwellers and adults. Burgers and fries are always a good combo for family-friendly hotels.

2. Upgrade service equipment

Besides that food, you’d also need complete equipment for your room services. Guests should be able to order through the doorknob menu, interactive TV system, or telephone. They should also have a dining table (folding or not) that is easy to clean and features food warmer racks. Your staff must also be equipped with quality food carts or trolleys for quick and safe transport of the orders from the kitchen to the guests’ rooms.

Together with your food carts, you’d also need to have enough trays, glassware, cutlery, linen, and crockery. Other extra items to purchase are ice buckets, fruit basket trays, wine trays, hotboxes, bread baskets, coffee bots and cups, butter, and more. If you have the budget, it will be fantastic to set up complimentary mini bars in each room. Or, you can just place them in your suites or executive rooms.

3. Prioritize housekeeping

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Cleanliness is a crucial player in providing a fantastic guest experience. No matter how delicious the food you’re serving or how nice you are to the guests, dirty rooms can put off anyone. It’s a basic rule that guests will arrive in a completely tidy room. The last thing you want to happen is for guests to take photos of your dirty facility and share them on review sites. Surely, you wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation.

To keep your hotel facilities and rooms spotless, create a well-equipped and highly experienced housekeeping team who can do the job up to industry standards. It’s also advisable that you have a well-trained housekeeping manager who can oversee everything. Furthermore, your housekeeping team isn’t just responsible for maintaining cleanliness. They should also be on the lookout for issues within the hotel. Problems such as worn carpets or peeling paints must be reported to the manager so that they can schedule the fixes immediately.

4. Offer special packages

Hotel guests are always searching for new accommodation experiences that they can share with their friends or on social media. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make your hotel known and attract more guests. Offering room service packages is a great way to appeal to more guests and increase your revenue streams. For example, you can create a package such as “Good Movies, Better Food,” which would include access to acclaimed premium films paired with finger food items on your menu. Or you can offer Netflix access with free popcorn and drinks for the guests.

You can’t possibly offer hotel luxury if you can’t provide excellent room service to your guests. It has a massive impact on guest satisfaction, vacancy rate, and overall profits of your business. Also, keep up with the requirements and trends for modern hotels for a better guest experience. Start making room service a top priority today and make your hotel business stand out.

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