How You Can Win People Over with Video Marketing

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paid advertising conceptIn the world of marketing, video is a huge thing. It captures the attention of many since it is fairly easy to watch and does not take up too much time. For example, if you see a video of a cat with an interesting thumbnail, would you click on it? You most probably would, especially if it already has tons of shares and likes, right?

Videos pique our interest, and they are a huge thing in the marketing industry since they are not that difficult to create. With the right amount of content and script, you can go viral within just a few minutes.

Today, we will discuss the strategies you can do to make sure that people will click on your video and visit your website. We will also talk about choosing the right production agency in London to work with to make sure that you will have high-quality videos for your website.

Put Them on Your Landing Pages

You want those views and visits on your landing pages, which is why you upload videos. Most landing pages have a list of what the business has to offer, so why not set yours apart by making a video of what you offer instead? Not only will this make you unique, but it will also engage people to stay longer on your page as well.

Create an engaging video that will have people talking about your brand and your services so your efforts would not be put to waste.

Make Use of VR or 360 Content

Many marketers think that VR or 360 content is difficult to create. This might be the case a few years back, but today, these types of content are doable. They are not that expensive to curate and are interesting, too, especially if you have the right topic and content for it.

Most VR and 360 videos are popular nowadays, and it continues to gain shares and likes and is not slowing down when it comes to video trends. You would have to invest in a 360 camera to shoot these types of videos though, but if you do not want to do that, then hire a company that makes 360 videos instead.

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Use an Inviting Thumbnail

When it comes to professional and corporate businesses, using a human face as a thumbnail is your safest bet. Use one that has an inviting aura, preferably one who is smiling and is quite inviting. People tend to click on the videos that they feel they can relate to, and using a human face is very welcoming and warm. Doing so will also help build trust with your audience, which will also help pique their curiosity.

Add an Autoplay Button

You do not have to force people to autoplay all of your videos, as you can add it as a feature instead. Forcing people to watch all of your videos is not a good idea, as they can get bored and irritated. However, adding an autoplay feature, especially if you have interesting and fun videos, is a wise thing to do. Not only can it increase brand awareness, but you will also be able to increase the clicks and audience duration on your website.

Your competitors are most likely using video marketing as well, which is why you would have to be smart when it comes to choosing the right videos to put out. Always consult with a video marketing strategist first so you can be sure of this. Good luck and may your website flourish further!

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