How to Tell Your Parents That They Are to Live in a Nursing Home

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Most adults have a retirement plan laid out for them. They’ll either migrate to another country and become expats there or stay with their children so that they can take care of their grandkids. These plans don’t always come to fruition. Sometimes, one or two of them get seriously sick, and they won’t be able to fulfill their travel plans. What happens then?

Nobody wants to be placed in a nursing home. Children don’t want to leave their parents in a dementia residential care facility, for instance. But the circumstances of life—working almost all week and taking care of the kids—will force children to make the ultimate decision of sending their parents to a nursing home.

According to the Center on Aging Studies, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, people over the age of 65 years have one in four chances to be placed in a nursing facility. The challenge is convincing your parents to live in a nursing home and convincing yourself as well that this is the right direction to take. Years ago, you might have promised your parents that you would never place them in a nursing facility. But circumstances have changed, and you now find yourself making this choice for them.

Convince Them of the Benefits of a Nursing Home

In a nursing home, your parents will be better protected and cared for. Nurses and caregivers are trained, and they specialise in taking care of senior people. They dedicate their time and commit themselves to making sure that your parents are safe. You cannot do the same thing since you’ll be constantly working. If your parents have a medical condition, it is all the more practical to place them in a facility where their needs will be addressed.

There Are More Opportunities for Social Interaction

When they stay with you, they’ll be relegated to spending their time inside the house. At best, you can take them out during weekends. But even then, you will need to run some personal errands such as doing the grocery and paying the bills. In a nursing facility, they can interact with other people their age. Most facilities have amenities such as a playroom and a swimming pool. They also have gyms to keep their patients in shape.

It Is Better for Your Physical and Mental Well-being

elders in a nursing home

There’s nothing like admitting to your parents that you’re stressed out and exhausted. They will completely understand your need to shake off some responsibilities. If you have good communication, they’ll know that you want to take care of them but it just didn’t work for your current situation. Putting your parents in a nursing facility will ensure that they are properly taken care of. It will also remove some of the stressful conditions that you can find yourself in.

It is normal to feel guilty when you decide to place your parents in a nursing home. They took care of you when you were little, kissing your worries away and working while taking care of you. Why couldn’t you do the same? Talk to your parents about your feelings. Make sure that they are aware of how badly you feel about not being able to take care of them. While they may be sad to be away from you, assure them that you will still see them and take care of them every chance you get.

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