How to Finally Get That Work-life Balance

Work-life Balance

Working in the corporate world can make even the timidest person competitive. Everyone is trying to climb up the corporate ladder, and if you don’t join the fray, you might never be promoted. But due to this competitive nature, it can rob you of your work-life balance.

But having that balance in your life is essential for various reasons, most of which are for your health. So if you can’t get lifestyle benefits from your company and you want to achieve work-life balance, here are some pointers:

1. Stop being a perfectionist

As mentioned earlier, working in the corporate world can be aggressive, and people are always trying their best to be noticed by the big dogs. But the downside to this kind of culture is that it often turns people into perfectionists.

Trying to be a perfectionist can ruin your life outside the office. If you always listen to the inner voice that tells you something is wrong with your PowerPoint presentation, then you’ll never leave the office when it’s time to go.

So to avoid burning out, don’t aim for perfection. What you can do is strive for excellence. You can do this by taking care of all the details and adding a bit of flair to your presentations. But stop when you notice that you’re already nitpicking your work.

2. Stop checking your phone

Technology has made it possible for us to be continuously connected to our offices even when we’re miles away. Our smartphones have made it easy for us to access our e-mails and even our colleagues via video calls. But this has also made it hard for some people to draw the line when it comes to having work-life balance.

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, some people keep working even when they’re on a social outing. This should not be the way you live your life. You’re more than your job, and the world is not limited to your office.

So when you’re outside the office, turn off your phone and spend time with your family or friends. If you have trouble adjusting to a situation wherein you don’t pick up your phone for long periods, then start small.

When you get home, the first hour should be spent with your family. After an hour, take five minutes to check your phone and take care of any tasks you might need to deal with immediately, like answering your boss’s late-night email. After that, put the phone back to silent mode and spend the next 55 minutes with your family again.

checking  phone

3. Get fit

You also need to work out if you want to straighten out your work-life balance. Having a healthy body is the key to balancing your life. If you’re fit enough, you’ll be able to do your job well and join some fun activities outside the office.

4. Change the routine in your life

One of the probable reasons why a person fails to get work-life balance is that he has a routine that doesn’t help him in any way. It might not even be related to work, but it still deters him from making the most of his time.

One example is the consistent meetings with old friends for a round of beer every Friday night. Yes, it might be a person’s way of relieving the stress he has incurred from a hectic week. But there are healthier ways to get rid of stress.

On top of that, spending every Friday night in a bar getting drunk is unproductive. You could rest, learn a new skill, or start a new hobby in your spare time. So think about the routines in your life that don’t seem to help you achieve work-life balance.

Work-life balance helps you live your life to the fullest. Because in reality, your time with your family and friends is crucial, but it is foolish to think that you don’t need your job to survive.

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