How to Be a Legend at Throwing House Parties in College


How could a party guest say, “I had a rad time in that house party,” when referring to the party you hosted the night before? How could you become great at throwing amazing house parties? Going to college can be fun for everyone. Although you must remember to keep your grades up, submit projects on time, and be responsible in every facet of your life, you should not forget to have the time of your life, too.

Serve Drinks and Snacks

If you plan on hosting a lot of parties, you should have a commercial cocktail blender. It’s more expensive than the regular blender, but investing in a cocktail blender will get you more popularity points. Instead of just serving bottles of cheap beer and cheaper cocktail mixes, why can’t you learn how to make your own signature daiquiri? It’s easy and cheap. All you need is the right ingredients and equipment.

As for snacks, don’t go too heavy on the pizza. Serve something light because you don’t want digested pizza all over your couch once your guests start getting too drunk. Some bowls of popcorn and biscuits are enough.

Set a Theme

If you want to be known for your amazing parties, don’t throw an ordinary party. Set a theme—the ’90s, the ’80s, rock and roll, Game of Thrones, Halloween characters, and the like. People are always looking for ways to celebrate their favourite movie characters, so why not capitalise on that. Instead of seeing everyone the same as they look in classes, people can play dress-up and have the time of their lives.

Create an Awesome Playlist

Who’s pretty good at music in your group? Ask that person to create an amazing music playlist for the party. All you need is a loudspeaker and your trusty iPod, and you’ll be all set. Just keep the tracks on a loop so that you won’t have to suffer through dead air once the party is pumping and grinding.

Invite Your Neighbours

friends drinking beer

If you live in a dorm, make sure to invite everyone in the building. That makes it easier to cover the party up. Do you want the dorm admin to show up on your door? No, you don’t. So invite your neighbours so that they won’t talk behind your back. Some neighbours might get too annoyed because of the noise and call the school or dorm admin about it. But the reality is that you might have just hurt their feelings because you’ve failed to invite them.

Play Drinking Games

What’s a college party without drinking games? Beer pong, stack cup, and flip cup are just some of the more popular drinking games. You can even make up your own game or trust the ultimate partygoer in your group to host the games. Everyone should join in the fun and mingle. That’s what an awesome party is all about.

When throwing parties, you should remember to keep everything within the legal limits. If there’s a curfew in your building, try not to overstep that boundary. Maybe you can tone down the party a little once the time is up. An awesome party host doesn’t get anyone in trouble, so do your part to be a responsible party organiser.

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