How to Avoid Getting Skin Damage When at the Beach

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A lot of people love going to the beach, and if you are a beach bum, then you are most probably one of those people. However, getting exposed to the sun for long periods of time can eventually lead to skin damage, which can be a huge problem.

Below, we will give you a few tips on how you can avoid getting your skin damaged when going to the beach and spending time under the heat of the sun. If you want to keep your fair or light skin, then make sure to use an elixir whitening and revitalizing care kit regularly.

Go for an Oil-Based SPF

Regular sunscreens that are made of gel and cream can do the job, but they would not last long, especially if you sweat a lot or you love swimming in the water. If you want your sunscreen to last for a long time, then consider applying an oil-based sunscreen instead.a

Oil and water repel each other, which means that oil-based sunscreens will be able to last throughout your swimming sesh. However, you should still reapply sunscreen after a few hours just to make sure that you will get maximum protection.

Do Not Forget to Moisturize

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The sun’s rays can be ultimately drying to the skin, which is why you should always remember to moisturize before going to the beach. This will keep your skin hydrated all throughout the day.

Make sure to choose a hypoallergenic moisturizer, though, as comedogenic ones can induce an allergic reaction, especially if your skin is sensitive. You should also remember to moisturize days or even weeks before and after going to the beach to keep your skin properly hydrated.

Drink Water

One of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated is to keep on drinking water. You can apply tons of moisturizer to your skin, but if you do not drink enough water, then all of your efforts will just go to waste.

Saltwater is extremely dehydrating since it’s mostly made up of salt, and the sun and wind can get too hot, which can then cause your skin to burn up after a couple of hours of getting exposed in the sun. Bring a bottle of water with you so you can always rehydrate at any time of the day.

Wear Proper Clothing and Accessories

One of the best and most effective ways to protect your skin from the sun is to wear proper clothing and accessories. First, you would want to make sure that you have a hat to protect your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun. Second, you need something to wrap your body in, like a huge scarf after sunbathing or swimming in the ocean. Third, you need a pair of shades to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

If you want to get your natural skin tone right after going to the beach, then go ahead and use a whitening or lightening soap for your face and body. You can also use a lotion to make it a lot more effective and if you want to get faster results.

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