How Spaces for Nature Can Be Carved in Urban Cities

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As humans, we need to reconnect with nature every once in a while. That is because these instances allow us to take breathers from the rush of our daily lives. How? Well, it helps us destress and step back from our responsibilities. Stable heart rates and lower blood pressures prove these factors. Moreover, being surrounded by the color green can soothe us and lift our moods.

However, it’s becoming more challenging to be one with nature these days. It is the outcome of the rapid urbanization of cities, which have led to green spaces diminishing significantly.

All isn’t lost, though, since there are several ways that we, as a community, can bring back nature regardless of which city we belong to.

Community or Individual Gardens

A community garden is a feasible way of introducing nature in urban areas. Having one on the premises of a multi-family dwelling or in a gated community can help in making the location greener. Community gardens also give residents the opportunity to learn new skills when it comes to gardening, as well as bond over nature as they tend to the plants.

Additionally, with the right seedlings, residents can have access to fruits and vegetables come harvest time.

Residents of multi-family dwellings or gated communities can take it upon themselves to install a community garden in the area if it isn’t present yet. Having one allows everyone to congregate and bond over nature.

If a community garden isn’t likely to happen, we should take it upon ourselves to create one in our own homes when we have the time. Those of us who reside in apartments or condominiums need not fret since it’s possible to accomplish the same feat with box gardens.

It isn’t only humans who benefit from having gardens in the area. The ecology in the site is also improved as a whole since animals and insects thrive in gardens, too.

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If we wish to introduce more greenery to public spaces, we should consider commercial landscaping for our communities in Albany and other areas. Unlike gardens, landscaping presents fewer responsibilities to residents in the long run. That is because most of the work will be left to the capable hands of experts.

It all depends on the landscaper, but commercial landscaping businesses usually mow the lawn, trim the trees, and plant flowers and shrubs on the designated property. When asked, they are also capable of installing outdoor features like aquascapes and sprinkler systems.

A bonus is that landscapers can help with the hardscape as well. Should the pavement or walkways need sprucing up, they’ll do so for an additional fee. Come wintertime, and they’ll also provide aid through snow and ice management.

However, it’s important to remember that we have the responsibility of not neglecting our public spaces. It doesn’t matter if we have the help of professional landscapers in improving it. For example, we can help maintain public parks by ensuring that we and others clean up after ourselves.

Bridging nature to urban spaces is a difficult task, but we can accomplish it if we choose to play our roles well and help others do the same.

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