How Natural and Healthy Cat Food Can Prevent UTI

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Cats, like humans, also suffer from urinary tract infection or UTI. The condition is characterized by a painful, burning session when peeing and is often accompanied by fever. Cats experience the same pain as well.

The problem is UTI in cats often go untreated if the pet owner is not sensitive to his or her furry friend’s behavior. Since pets cannot complain or describe the symptoms, it is up to the owner to spot when something is wrong.

Unusual behavior like frequent urination, lethargy, and blood in the litter box should not be taken for granted. You should also keep an eye of your cat if you see it urinating in inappropriate locations or licking its urinary opening, hear it vocalizing while urinating, which means your pet is in pain, and smell a strong odor of ammonia in its urine. Cats with UTI may also be more irritable than usual.

To help prevent UTI in cats, experts suggest giving them cat food for urinary problems. These contain natural ingredients, which help cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract as well as prevent infection.

What causes UTI in cats?

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UTI in cats is commonly caused by bacterial infection. When bacteria find their way up the urethra and into the bladder, they multiply quickly and cause the infection. The bacteria may be E. coli or some other organism, and this is why laboratory tests and cultures are done to make sure that the vet prescribes the correct antibiotic to your cat. The tests also look for crystals in your cat’s urine, which is a sign of kidney problems.

The infection can also be caused by a change in your pet’s environment. For example, you have a new pet at home or there is an ongoing construction project near your property. These events can cause stress to a cat, resulting in the illness.

UTI does not directly cause problems in the kidney, but the infection is usually an indicator of other health issues. For example, elderly cats with diabetes also suffer from UTI because of the presence of sugar or glucose in their urine. UTI does occur at any age, but it usually affects cats between 1 and 4 years old. Females are at a higher risk of UTI than males.

How does natural cat food help?

Proper nutrition helps cats stay healthy for many years. The right amount of food, plenty of water and regular exercise contribute greatly to a cat life’s longevity. Healthy and organic cat food with a special addition of cranberries and blueberries promote urinary tract and kidney health and also give them a boost of anti-oxidants.

In cases of diabetes in cats, regular feeding with low-sugar cat food is key in managing their condition. Controlled blood sugar in cats can also mean less frequent cases of UTI. Lowering sodium and magnesium in cat food also promotes better kidney health.

Cat owners can prevent UTI from recurring by keeping a close eye on the cat’s toilet habits and bringing it to the veterinary clinic for regular check-ups. The vet may prescribe antibiotics, urinary acidifiers, fluid therapy, and some dietary changes, depending on the severity of the condition of your cat. Opting for organic and healthier cat food also helps improve the cat’s overall health.

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