How Important is Emotional Healing?

Happy woman raising her arms

Happy woman raising her armsThere are certain experiences in your life that may hurt more than others. You think there’s no getting up from a situation that brought you down, and years later, you’re still reeling from its memories.

The mere fact that you’ve managed to crawl forward means you want to get better, but this is not a type of physical pain that you can easily explain to a doctor. When it is emotional pain, to a certain degree, you have to deal with it by yourself. But it’s not just about that.

Your Healing Energy

Hurt people hurt other people. When you haven’t healed from your emotional pain, it will be hard for you to interact with others while being sensitive to their own pain. You may even cause pain for others instead of helping them be a better person. Soon, you will become a toxic individual and you’ll think you are better off alone. That’s not the way to do it, though. What you want is to heal and be able to heal others in return.

The Road to Forgiveness

The first thing you have to do is to tell yourself you want to heal. The mind is powerful, and if you’re dedicated to healing, you will not be working against your own thoughts. You’ll find meditating to be a great release and most importantly, you’ll take in the lessons in a Reiki level 2 course more efficiently. Once you’ve opened your mind to the idea of becoming a better person, you can only move forward from there.

Forgiving Is Healing

Reconciled couple huggingIt’s not that easy to forgive. Everyone can agree on this, even with the consideration of the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. You cannot seem to find it in yourself to forgive a person who has hurt you significantly and who have not even bothered to apologise. Holding on to that pain, however, may only be hurting you further. The person who has hurt you is not affected by any of it, but there you are, unable to move forward because you keep feeding the pain.

Sometimes, you have to forgive someone not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to move forward. Forgiveness means you are willing to close that chapter and even if that person re-entered your life, you will not be undone by their actions.

You Deserve It, Too

It might not be someone else who you need to forgive. Maybe you’re hurt because of a decision you made a long time ago. The repercussions may have been severe, and so you think you do not deserve to be forgiven. You think it’s something you will carry to your grave. That means you are walking around with a heavy burden that you can easily let go but choose not to.

It feels so much harder to forgive yourself, doesn’t it? After all, we are our worst critic. Still, when everyone else whom you think has been wronged by your decision have moved forward, there is no need for you to drag it on and continue punishing yourself. You deserve love and forgiveness, and the sooner you realise that, the better.

The path to healing comes in many shapes. Be kind to yourself, whether through forgiving yourself or through being a healing force rather than a destructive one.

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