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Call them insane or downright freaky — there’s no denying that anime characters, particularly the men, have the coolest haircuts. These odd hairstyles are the crowning glory that enhances the uniqueness of anime characters. So, if you’ve been wondering what makes your favorite anime characters look cool and crisp at the same time, the secret is in their hair.

And when it comes to anime hairstyles, it’s not just about the color. The way these characters’ hairs are styles is so astonishing, barbers and fashionistas are astounded. Some fans are wondering if they can achieve the same hair with gel, mousse or even male hair transplant.

Apart from serving as a statement for each anime character, these hairstyles also tell the viewers more about their personalities. No wonder some fans are dying to have their favorite character’s hair. When you have the hair, you have the personality!

So, if you want to be as cool as your fave characters, here are the best anime hairstyles for men. Take note of them so you can ask your barber to style your hair in such a way (or just buy a wig piece from Amazon USA).

Blinding Bangs

Blinding bangs is often a trademark of sophisticated and chic anime guys — often worn by the metrosexual characters. Some anime guys who rock binding bangs are Decim from “Death Parade,” Naruto’s Deidera, Sanji from “One Piece,” Freed Justine from “Fairy Tail” and Ginko from “Mushishi.”

These characters show the correlation between their hairstyles and their personalities. They’re the typical handsome and mysterious characters, often either the bishounen (pretty boy) or the tsundere (cold pretty boy) of the cast, if not the mysterious villain who probably hovers between good and evil. Decim is incredibly charming, in fact.

If you want to rock Decim’s look, show your barber his photo. Also, ask them to trim the hair to frame your face and allow the locks to fall below your ears.


If you think Mohawks are extinct, you’re mistaken. These punk hairstyles, which existed since the medieval times, are cool and the epitome of “statement hair.” You can wear them in different styles.  Mohawks are pretty cool and this description applies to anime characters rocking the spiky look.

Characters from the “Dragon Ball” franchise are the kings of the Mohawk. It’s rare to see anime guys outside the franchise rock this odd hairstyle; only Goku and his friends can do so. Should there be characters outside the DBZ universe to rock the Mohawk, it would be Bleach’s Gou Koga.

Extremely Loose and Long Locks

Male anime characters with long locks are not as common as you expect. However, this isn’t because they can’t rock longer locks. In fact, the coolest guys in anime are those with long hair. This is why it’s surprising that not all anime guys wear longer hair. Inuyasha from “Tora” and Kotarou Katsura from “Gintama” look great with their long hair.

In general, long hair symbolizes authority and raw power, which are the main qualities of the characters mentioned above. Extremely long hair also symbolizes primeval and wind, as portrayed by the characters mentioned.

Side-Parted Medium Length Hair

Of course, we know who owns this look: Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian Michaelis (aka the butler we wish we all had at home). In the movie, he is presented as a tall and charming guy that exudes a mysterious suave. He matches his long hair with his incredibly gorgeous red eyes. Plus, he wears his black hair side-parted in the middle, reaching to his shoulders. The band in the center of his forehead completes the look.



Who says women are the only ones who can rock ponytails? Men can do it, too — as proven by your favorite men in anime.

There are many differences between anime characters with long locks and those with ponytails. Consider the following characters: Kenshin Himura from “Rurouni Kenshin” (or “Samurai X”), Koga from “Inuyasha” and Yu Kanda from “D-Gray man.” These men are famous for their power, as well as their instincts.

Top Knots

If you thought hair buns and top knots are also reserved for women, think again. Take Kenshin, for example. He used to rock this hairstyle by tying a portion of his hair, which made him look sexy and cool.

Apart from Samurai X, other characters who looked sexy with the top knot include Haku from “Naruto,” Asahi Azumane from “Haikyuu” and Fairy Tail’s Bacchus Groh.

When it comes to the world of anime, top knots are often linked to ancient Japanese warriors. In general characters with top knots are the fighters who are determined to win all the challenges. They are competitive go-getters.

The men of anime aren’t just great inspirations in terms of living or “being cool;” they also serve as fashion icons, especially with your hair. So if you want a drastic change in your looks, don’t hesitate to tell your barber to make you look like your favorite anime character.

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