Four Tips for Men to Overcome a Negative Body Image


Although some people may think that women tend to be more preoccupied with improving one’s appearances than men, the truth is that any man can be just as concerned with their own good looks – and at least as vulnerable to the negative effects of any perceived shortcomings in this department. In fact, since men tend to communicate less when it comes to body image, they may have a weaker support system or hesitate to take positive action. Thus, low self-confidence can have far-reaching and long-lasting adverse consequences among males. If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with your body, or know a male friend who might be suffering from such issues, these steps can help to turn things around.

Self-care is self-respect

Hang out with men, and you’ll find that their spending habits can be very different from those of women. Some guys are inherently frugal; others splurge on cars, computers, and other hobbies – basically, the cool adult versions of a boy’s childhood toys. Women know that spending on creature comforts can provide intangible – but very real – benefits such as de-stressing and a sense of positivity. Take a break from that busy New York lifestyle and treat yourself to a proper men’s hair salon or spa experience; your body will appreciate that you’re starting to invest more in self-care and give your appearance the proper respect it deserves.

Develop a sense of style

It’s well-known that trends in fashion may come and go on a whim, but avoiding the extremes of fashion obsession doesn’t mean a guy should dress poorly and let their confidence suffer yet another knock. Every man can develop a personal sense of style which allows them to make appropriate and sensible choices for their age and body type; it’s a skill which many young males tend to overlook, but just like any skill, you can work on it, brush up on sources of information, learn the basics and keep on improving.

Eat healthy

Men can often associate a positive body image with the ability to rock a six-pack or flex impressive biceps. Yet while exercise is great, any gym rat will tell you that the benefits of working out are always founded upon a healthy diet. Instead of aiming for unrealistic goals, first ensure that you’re eating healthy food. Get in the habit of preparing all your meals and taking control of the ingredients; follow a reasonable and nutritious guideline, such as the Mediterranean diet, instead of riding fads. Once you have a healthy diet in place, you’ll be in better position to reap the rewards of a good workout.

Work on body language

When you want to improve body confidence, it’s vital to consider the context – ultimately, every man has to apply their confidence to social interactions. Body language is an essential part of face-to-face communication; you can do crunches all day, but without proper posture, your brain will send and receive signals of weakness or negativity. Like any aspect of good communication, body language is another skill you can learn to improve. Be mindful of your posture, open up your body, and smile to enjoy more positive interactions with others.

Masculinity often gets associated with not caring about one’s appearances, but if things slip too far, this can be a largely detrimental factor working against your sense of confidence. Use these tips to overcome a negative body image and inject greater self-respect and positivity into each day.

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