Four New Business Trends

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As unemployment numbers rise and people find themselves out of work, becoming an entrepreneur is not anymore the luxury of a few but a pressing need for many. Human beings need to find different ways to make incomes to support themselves and their families.

Those willing to take a stab at it can look at starting a new company in industries as diverse as health and wellness, food, online consulting, and personal assistance.

Health and Wellness

One option for people who want to become entrepreneurs is to look into the health and wellness industry. There are three reasons for this. First, the covid-19 global pandemic has created worldwide awareness of the importance of proper hygiene and personal distance. Second, societal development has led to a dramatic increase in habit-related diseases such as hypertension, back pain, mental health conditions, and arthritis. Third, people are now more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle than ever before.

Great ideas include combining health and technology in the development of all-inclusive apps and becoming a personal trainer. Another one would be investing in disciplines like holistic medicine, an all-encompassing field that considers not only physical health but also mental fortitude and spirituality.

Food Storage and Delivery Services

Even with the pandemic, the food industry continues to grow, albeit differently. Of course, we can’t go out as much as before, and restaurants, cafeterias, and bars in cities and countries all over the world have suffered great financial losses due to the need for quarantines and isolation. Still, this has led to growth in other areas.

A few options those interested in starting a food business could explore include:

  • Opening a pick-up and delivery only business. Customers can order online and either collect their food after some time or have it delivered. The company, in this case, doesn’t offer sit-in options.
  • Catering services to corporate clients. Similar to point one, it focuses on pick-up and delivery. But this time, the target is other businesses in need of food services for employee meals, meetings, and events.
  • Food storage services. It entails setting up a warehouse or storage facility and offering your services to restaurants, supermarkets, and food manufacturers, among others. You could search both room temperature and cold-storage alternatives.
  • Cooking lessons. If you are interested in a home-based business, either virtual or by having a few students in your house, cooking lessons are a fun way to make money while eating and doing something you love.

These are a few ideas on food-related businesses with great potential.

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Online Strategy Consulting

During the digital era, few things are more important than having a strong online presence. It is true that no matter how big or small your enterprise is.

Even so, most companies don’t know how to do this. They are aware that they should but are unfamiliar with the path they need to take. Hence, providing these services is a viable option for startups.

But what is the job of an online strategy consultant? How can I provide this service to my potential clients? Answers to these questions vary. Yet, it starts with a few different things.

First, an online strategy consultant makes sure the client’s site aligns with its vision, target market, and both short and long-term goals. Second, the consultant will create an adequate social media marketing campaign to attract not the most people but the highest number of customers relevant to what the business provides. For example, if you are the owner of a cigar club, you don’t want your social media campaign to target children.

Finally, this individual or company will assist in other promotion areas, including content marketing, search engine optimization, event planning, and interactive customer experiences.

Cleaning and Handyman Services

As the world becomes more and more overpopulated, people become busier and busier, and there is more competition. In the past, an average of three candidates would compete for an individual position. This number is now more than 10.

This means that people need a lot of skills to stand out and find employment. And acquiring them takes commitment, effort, and a lot of time. They cannot afford to waste their time on chores and menial errands.

Thus, there is a growing market for house-cleaning and handyman services like doing the laundry, buying the groceries, mowing the lawn, fixing the kitchen or bathroom sink, and even tutoring and taking care of small children. If you provide timely, top-notch service, your enterprise is bound to succeed.

Four new business trends are health and wellness companies, food storage and delivery service, online consulting, and handyman services. These are all businesses you can start with a relatively small initial investment but with a lot of growth potential.

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