Four Home Design Tips That Prioritize Self-care

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Practicing self-care activities can improve your physical and mental well-being. You may find them easier to do when you’re in a home that takes these activities into consideration design-wise.

What are some ways to design your home with self-care in mind? Below are a few suggestions you can try out.

Create a space where you can step back and relax

Each part of the home has a specific purpose. There’s an area for cooking, for social gatherings and group activities and so on. Following that principle, there should also be a space for alone time to gather your thoughts — especially after a long and busy day at work.

Depending on how your home is configured, you can designate a particular area for relaxing and stepping back. Perhaps there’s a particular corner in your room where you can meditate and do some breathing exercises.

Wherever this relaxation space may be, make sure to keep your gadgets out of sight. A few minutes of digital detox can go a long way towards improving your overall health.

Introduce plants and flowers

Designing or decorating your home with nature in mind often does wonders for your health. Why not purchase a couple of plants and flowers that can complement your space?

Aside from making your space look great, plants can help in reducing your stress levels. Additionally, plants can also purify the air that you breathe in. These are some of the main reasons why many office spaces integrate plants into their designs. You can take that idea and apply it in your home.

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There are several places where it’s ideal to add some greenery. It’s up to you to decide where to put them. And if you’re willing to exert extra effort, you can even hire a floral designer to make sure those flowers and plants constantly look their best.

Incorporate fragrant scents

It’s not all about visuals. Engaging your olfactory nerves can also have health benefits. According to some studies, certain scents can encourage your body to reduce tension in the muscles and lower blood pressure.

Some people have these scents strategically positioned near the bed area to encourage sleep. For others, the living room may be a more suitable option to help with relaxation.

Additionally, the dining area is another place where you can place these attractive scents. It’s a good way to complement the overall dining experience.

Declutter and apply a minimalist approach

Sometimes the home can feel cramped. It can make you feel like there’s not enough space for important items and fun group activities with the family.

If that’s the case, it would probably do some good to free up your space. Identify things that you no longer frequently use. This can be old furniture, a pile of books that are just gathering dust, or a rarely used musical instrument.

Consider selling them or giving them away. Keep only the stuff that still has a clear purpose in the home. Having too much clutter in the home can cloud your thoughts and keep you from fully enjoying the things you love to do.

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