Fire Safety Equipment for Your House You Should Invest In

Try to imagine your home. You’ve worked hard to pay for its mortgage, fill it up with not only things but memories as well, and maintain its structural and aesthetic integrity every year. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, we don’t control nature. Storm surges, earthquakes, and fires can destroy in seconds what we’ve worked hard for in years.

As a safety precaution, you can invest in firefighting equipment for your house. Although there’s no need to look for a firefighting trailer for sale, it will help if you have one in your backyard. This makes it easy for firefighters to access water and tap into your main water sources when a fire breaks out in your neighbourhood. Here are the other five fire safety equipment you can invest in for your property:

Smoke Detectors

Newer homes come with smoke detectors installed in every room. This warns off the homeowners and the fire department if there is smoke detected inside the house. Smoke detectors should be on every level and room of your house—from the basement to the attic and from the living room to the restrooms. The smoke detectors should be interconnected so that when one goes off, the others will follow suit, warning the occupants of smoke or fire in another room.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire escape ladder

Sometimes, the only way to survive a fire is to escape from a window. But this is not easily possible when you’re on the second or third floor of the house. Installing an escape ladder that’s made of nylon and steel will give your family instant access to the ground. Most of the escape ladders can carry 375 pounds of weight all at once, so you can all escape the fire through the ladder. The ladders can be stored easily and can expand with just a tap on the release button.

Fire Extinguishers

Most municipalities require homes to have fire extinguishers to pass permit and license requirements. Fire extinguishers are made for small fires in your home that does not require the presence of firefighters. Different fire extinguishers are manufactured to protect yourself and your loved ones from the early stages of the fire.

Some extinguishers are made to fight fire caused by wood and plastic, while some can fight fire caused by flammable liquids, oil, gas, metals, and electric sources. What homeowners have is an extinguisher suitable only to fight fire caused by cooking oil, grease, and fat.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke detector at fire alert

This kind of alarm can be connected to the smoke detector. It warns the occupants of the room for the potentially fire-causing presence of carbon monoxide, an odourless, colourless, and tasteless gas that can’t be physically detected. It comes from furnaces, water heater, and chimney most of the time.

Fire Blanket

This flame-resistant blanket can be wrapped around a person so that they can escape a fire safely. It is made of glass fibre fabric and an inner layer of fire-retardant film. The fire can’t get into the blanket easily because the materials from which it is made of cut down the oxygen supply the fire needs to spread.

You can never be too careful or take too many extra precautions for your home and family. The variety of fire safety household products available should put you in a better position to protect your investment and loved ones. Setting up fire safety equipment and measures in your home will make you sleep better at night.

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