What are the Factors That Affect Your Self Confidence

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We all experience ups and downs, and that’s a normal part of life. But some circumstances can profoundly impact our self-worth. Real or not, these situations have the power to build or break how we value ourselves.

Some of the effects can be easily fixed through the change in actions, while others may need to be repaired from introspection. That said, here are the factors that significantly affect your self-confidence and how you can overcome them.

What Affects Your Confidence

Various factors affect a person’s confidence. These can include appearance, environment, finances, possessions, age, relationships, family, education, and employment. There are external factors to consider as well, but these are the most important.


For many people, self-confidence has a lot to do with appearance. We cannot deny that appearance plays a huge role in building a person’s confidence, particularly for women. Often, this problem begins in the teenage years when girls start to compare themselves with other people.

Even children between the age of 4 and 7 start to form self-confidence based on physical appearance, and sadly, it appears to be the top contributing factor. Cliche as it may sound, but we are uniquely beautiful in our own ways. However, if you insist that you need to change your appearance to feel better, it’s a decision that you need to make for yourself.

The good news is that sometimes, physical improvement should not always involve surgical alteration of your face. For example, if your weight is bugging you too much, consider exercising regularly and changing your diet. Or, if you can’t smile confidently because of your teeth, visit a dental office. It’s all about finding ways to make yourself feel better.

Financial Woes

Overflowing debt and financial struggles can take a toll on someone’s self-confidence, regardless of their social status. Experts say that there is a major connection between confidence and finances. Constantly worrying about your financial problems can cause depression and loss of trust in yourself. The best way to liberate yourself from these problems is by finding a realistic way to manage your finances properly and pay off all your outstanding debts.

The crucial connection between self-confidence and finances involves coping. If a person feels too overwhelmed by the financial issues he’s facing, it can take a toll on his self-esteem. Generally, it’s not all about financial matters. It’s about how you cope and deal with the problems without losing yourself in the process.


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Age can only affect your self-confidence if you let it. But for many, getting old is a huge factor that causes them to feel more insecure about themselves. Studies show that most women tend to feel a significant drop in self-esteem as they age because it directly connects with body image.

Some studies also conclude that even children assess their weight and appearance more adversely as they age. However, adolescents are more bothered about their appearance.

One of the most complicated facts of life is that we all age. While some people age gracefully, others seem to struggle horribly. Generally, self-confidence is high in younger people, and it slowly drops as a person ages.

Because of old age, it’s easy for people to feel as if they have lost their brilliance, making it hard for them to compete with young people.

Romantic Relationships

For some people, being in a relationship plays a huge factor in building their confidence. That’s why if you do not have a partner, it can make you feel like everyone else around you is doing great except you. This results in you creating fears and doubts that you are not worthy enough to be loved.

The truth is, your ego was hurt. Remember that your worth should not be based on other people’s opinions about you. Take the time to know yourself more, find your strengths, and learn self-love. The right people will eventually come into your life without you even trying.


It’s not surprising to know that education plays a vital role in building confidence. At some point in our lives, we would wish that we had chosen a different career path or pursued our education further.

Seeing your friends and other acquaintances qualify for a job you’ve been dreaming of can be a huge confidence buster. It can even affect your morale, causing you to lose motivation to keep pursuing your dreams.

But don’t lose hope. You can always go back to school and learn more. And it will never be too late to start a new career. As long as you stay eager to reach your dreams, other people’s success should not distract you from walking the path you want to take.

Whether your confidence is affected by one or more of these factors, you can overcome each of them with positive self-reflection. Seek solutions actively and take action to help yourself to navigate to a path where you can have a more positive outlook about yourself.

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