Employee Perks: What You Can Offer to Improve Productivity

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If you want to get your employee’s best work, then you need to capture their hearts and minds. They’re not going to go the extra mile for a simple paycheck. It would be best if you gave them a reason for their loyalty. You can do this by giving them a variety of perks. Whether it is using a massage chair or a company discount on company merchandise, giving something special to your employees makes them feel important. But you can’t just treat your employees for free. You need the best value-for-money, and here are some perks that are exactly that.

Free Food

One of the most basic perks is providing free food, but it is hard to beat. Having a buffet of meals available for when your employees have the desire to eat can help ease a lot of hard feelings. Additionally, the savings that your employees can have from not needing to buy their food is appreciated. Your company can also save money by buying in bulk and getting good catering deals. You can provide this perk at a far lower cost than you expect. Additionally, you can control your employee’s diets better, ensuring that they have healthy and nutritious meals.

Easy Access To Health Services

A major concern for many employees is their health. Skyrocketing medical bills can make many employees worried about what will happen to them. But you can ease those worries by providing them with access to affordable health services. Your company can take out a group insurance plan and make it more affordable for them since you are buying as a group. This can ensure that your employees don’t have to worry about ever getting sick.

A Company Gym

Besides medical treatment, you can help your employees get into a healthy condition by providing them with access to a gym. Many people find it easier to exercise when they are in a big group or have the equipment they can use. A company gym in your office building ensures that they can go to it before or after-hours so that they can get fit.

Flexible Work Hours

People like the freedom of being able to go to work when they want to. Some companies have taken that to a logical conclusion. They don’t ask their employees to come in at a specific time. All they ask is that their employees put in a specific number of hours every day. This means an employee can log in after lunchtime, as long as they will work late into the night. This accommodates people who work better at different times of the day. Some companies are even more lenient and don’t require a specific number of hours but a work quota. As long as the quota is met, employees can go.

Options For Personal Development

Some of your employees might be looking for ways to improve themselves. These can be a great help for your company while also making them happy. For example, have a managerial training program in the office. Interested employees can apply and develop their skills in becoming a manager. You can then tap them for future promotions instead of looking to outside recruitment.

Company Services Or Products With A Discount

Your employees would appreciate the work they do more if they experienced it for themselves. Giving them discounts for company products or services allows them to see how important their job is. For example, if you are a bank, allowing your employees to have preferable loan rates and easier access to services can ensure that your employees know that you value them.

Generous Vacation And Sick Leave


Employees like to know that if they get sick, they won’t lose too much money. Paid sick leave is a great perk, but a lot of companies have it. What can set your company apart is if you are generous about how much sick leave your employees can take. Not just a few days a year but a couple of weeks. Additionally, you can have very generous vacation leave, with a full month off for loyal employees.

Benefits For Children

Some of your people might appreciate a perk more if it is for their children. There are several perks that employees can use to benefit their children. For example, you can have a daycare for your employee’s children available. Older children might receive scholarships and educational support. You can even have them be part of the company’s health policy.

The best employee perks ensure employee loyalty for minimal investment. The ones above are just a few examples of what you can do for your workers that will ensure they’re happy in their positions. You can come up with your original twists to some perks so that you can give your employees something memorable.

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