Understanding the Emerging Trends in the Cleaning Industry

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The ongoing pandemic has disrupted most aspects of our lives. Although some experts hint that we’re almost out of the woods, we still have a long way to go in adjusting to the new normal. In this short yet tumultuous period, we’ve seen the rise of video conferencing platforms, home improvement projects, sociopolitical movements, and the record-breaking development of vaccines.

Among the industries that have experienced revolutionary changes is one that is most crucial to our situation these days. The cleaning industry has been at the forefront of the country’s measures to curb coronavirus transmission. As such, people’s demand for cleaning services has bolstered new trends in the industry. Here are some of these trends.

Increased Efficiency of Home Services

Home cleaning services have become more accessible. Nowadays, it has become much easier to contact professionals through apps, online yellow pages, and even social media pages. Cleaning businesses have stepped up due to the growing demand for their offerings.

People have become increasingly interested in bringing in professionals to perform deep cleaning. This is especially beneficial when the members of a household have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient. People can easily book an appointment, and cleaners arrive to work around their house with minimal interaction with the residents. This ensures the safety and efficiency of their services.

Laundry and dry cleaning have also become more convenient. At the peak of the pandemic, neighborhood laundromats were forced to shut down amid government restrictions. Even as the country reopens, many people still avoid going to these places to wash clothes.

As a solution, more laundry businesses have been offering pick-up and delivery services for customers. For instance, one laundry chain has streamlined its process by providing laundry bins to its customers. Staff will pick up these bins to have the clothes washed at the store. Then, the personnel will deliver them back to the residents. This service has allowed the business to stay afloat and continue to provide reliable services to their customers.

Eco-friendly Materials

As people are giving more time and effort to disinfect their spaces, they become more exposed to common cleaning products that pose hazards. For instance, chlorine can cause several health issues, such as headaches, nausea, and eye and skin irritation. Although this ingredient is effective at sanitizing the home, it becomes risky when people use it frequently.

Another cause for concern is the environmental impact of cleaning products. They are typically composed of harsh and toxic chemicals that emit volatile organic compounds. Given that the concentrations of these compounds are high in numerous homes, they all add up to cause pollution. Moreover, the chemicals in cleaning products get flushed down the drain, subsequently mixing with other particles in the wastewater. Although much of these particles are further broken down in the treatment process, several reports have revealed that these toxic chemicals still affect marine life.

Hence, several companies, including small businesses, have released eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, ionized water has been gaining popularity as a safe and effective liquid to disinfect surfaces, stains, and some types of food, such as vegetables and fruits. Plant-based cleaning formulas have also been gaining traction. These products are known to be as effective as most common cleaning substances.

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Artificial Intelligence

Cleaning devices that use artificial intelligence have become even more popular these days. Given all the cleaning and disinfection that everyone has to do daily, many people have purchased gadgets that can automatically sanitize spaces and groceries.

For instance, robot vacuums have had a spike in sales in the past year, as these gadgets provide an extra layer of precaution in cleaning hard-to-reach places. In addition, UV sterilization devices with timers and other automated features have become mainstays in many homes.

The use and promotion of artificial intelligence in the industry have aided people in ensuring that their spaces and items are well sanitized. These technologies serve as assistance informing users whether they are disinfecting the right way and at the recommended duration. Some of these technologies even do these tasks automatically, saving people time and ensuring proper cleaning.

More Than Just Trends

The pandemic has compelled the cleaning industry to make great strides. As a result, businesses have been able to provide products and services and ensure that people are adhering to proper health protocols. Efficient cleaning services, eco-friendly alternatives, and devices that use artificial intelligence are on the rise. The current situation indicates that these trends will last a long time, even after this global crisis ends.

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