Developing Effective Product Commercials: The Dos

Girl using her phone and laptop

Girl using her phone and laptop
Now and then you come across adverts that are either breathtaking or outright flat. The former tend to linger in your mind. You are likely to feel amused whenever they are played on the radio or on TV, or even when you come across them while browsing the Internet. On the other hand, you might find yourself switching to a different channel or station when a boring advert is played.

The advert should match the media platform to be used

There is usually a mismatch between adverts and the intended media platform to be used. Usually, when creating an advert, it is essential first to analyze both the targeted audience and the media platform. For instance, a Sirius radio commercial should be designed to match not only the kind of content aired on the radio station but also its listeners. Otherwise, you may end up with an expensive yet ineffective commercial. That may explain why some companies come up with slightly variant commercials for different radio stations. The same applies to TV commercials and online advertising. With social media, for example, it is essential to analyze the different platforms to be used. Some social media sites have accustomed their users to short posts, whereas others encourage long posts. In such a case, posting blogs and articles on the former is likely to result in only a few reads at best. The posts should, therefore, be shortened to match the usual length of the posts.

The advert should be informative

The most essential aspect of any advert is the information that it passes to the public. An advert should communicate the benefits and superior qualities of a product in comparison to alternative products. Otherwise, the advert may be considered to be non-beneficial. At the end of a commercial, potential customers should either be curious to try out your company’s products or even find out more about them in the very least. Sometimes, it is impossible to highlight all the benefits of a product in a single advert. That may result in a long advert that may be too expensive to air on the radio or on TV. As such, begin by identifying a few benefits that you intend to highlight on the advert. The content of the advert should then be modeled around those benefits.

Make the advert as appealing as possible

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Whereas the main aspect of an advert is its content, it is essential to ensure that the advert is as interesting as possible. People will only sit through a commercial if they find it interesting. Otherwise, they are more likely to switch to a different station. As a result, marketing agencies have moved from traditional adverts that involve product reviews and the statement of the benefits of the product. The switch has been to more entertaining commercials scripted to look like plays or skits. The goal is to have a lasting impact on the viewers.

A commercial can only be termed as successful if it results in a direct increase in product sales. With radio and TV commercials becoming increasingly expensive, it becomes important to ensure that an advert is as effective as possible.

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