Desensitising the Teeth at the Dentist in Stevenage

Dentist checking woman's teeth

Sensitive teeth are a pain. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, it can put a crimp on the day. A sharp shooting pain when consuming hot or cold food or drink takes the enjoyment right out of ice cream. It can also come on if the teeth are exposed to a sharp blast of cold air. There are several causes for sensitive teeth, so it’s always worth getting the sensitivity checked out by a dentist in Stevenage to find out exactly what’s going on.

One cause is dental erosion. This means that the outer enamel shell of the tooth has fallen away somewhat, exposing the more sensitive dentine underneath. This may have been caused by a high acidity diet, overbrushing, teeth grinding or a medical condition. Whatever the reason, the dentist in Stevenage, such as those at Smilecraft Dental Care, can create a treatment plan to help address the sensitivity. Other causes of sensitive teeth include sinus problems, gum disease, cracked teeth and some dental treatments such as tooth whitening.

Treatments for sensitive teeth

There are a range of measures the dentist in Stevenage can offer the patient to help combat the pain of sensitive teeth. These include:

  • using toothpaste formulated specially for sensitive teeth – there are several on the market, the dentist in Stevenage can recommend the right one for each patient
  • fluoride rinses, gels and varnishes, painted onto the teeth to add a layer of protection
  • a night-time mouthguard if the pain is caused by teeth grinding
  • a root canal if there is persistent pain after a filling
  • specific post-whitening toothpaste if the whitening treatment has caused the sensitivity

Patient practice

The patient can also take some responsibility for their sensitive teeth and practise a few measures to help keep the sensitivity to a minimum:

  • avoid sugary and high acidity foods – if they must be consumed, the best time is at meal times
  • brush thoroughly but gently
  • change the head of the toothbrush once it becomes worn
  • wait at least one hour after eating before brushing, as certain food and drink can cause the tooth enamel to soften
  • have regular check-ups at the dentist in Stevenage to make sure there are no underlying conditions causing the sensitivity
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