Debunking Common Car Battery Myths

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If you’ve owned a vehicle and have been driving for quite some time now, you have probably heard (and believed) myths about car batteries.

The thing with car batteries is that no vehicle is without it, no matter how expensive and advanced your car is. Once your car battery is dead, your vehicle is rendered useless until you can get it up and running again. This is why a lot of semi-truck drivers carry a metal battery box with an extra battery inside. If their battery conks out while they’re on the road, all they need to do is replace it with their spare and they’re good to go.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with owners of smaller cars. This is why you should never take your car battery for granted. Knowing the facts from myths can help you take better care of your battery.

Myth 1: Batteries last for only a set specific amount of time from its first use.

Debunked: A battery’s lifespan depends on several factors, so there is no actual way to say exactly how long it will last.  A battery’s service life is affected by installation, climate, frequency of use, usage, and maintenance. You may also factor in that its structure is compromised with acid that causes decay.

The bottom line is, a battery’s life is dependent on how it is used and cared for.

Myth 2: When the battery light is lit, it means the battery is flat.

Debunked: When the battery light is on, drivers usually think that the battery is almost dead. While there are cases wherein that is true, often it is just because the car’s electrical system is not charging properly which means that it is running solely on battery power alone.

If you keep the car running in this condition, it will eventually lead to a car breakdown and electrical system damage.

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Myth 3: Driving a car after jumpstarting it recharges the battery.

Debunked: Most of us are probably guilty of this one. The truth is, no amount of driving or idling will ever recharge a dead battery.

The only way to fully restore your dead battery is by charging it with a proper charger. This is why it is recommended to bring your car to the nearest battery center immediately after a jump start. This prevents battery wear and tear and will save you heaps on fuel consumption compared to driving around or keeping the engine running for a few minutes just to charge the battery,

Myth 4: A car’s battery will still charge even if the car is turned off.

Debunked: More modern vehicles’ electric systems draw power from the car’s battery even if it is turned off. A car battery will, over time, be discharged because it has a natural self-discharge.

The only remedy to this is to regularly take your car out for a spin or hook it up to a maintenance charger.

Myth 5: Batteries have longer lifespans in warmer climates.

Debunked: Simply because it’s warm doesn’t mean it gives a battery extra life. In fact, warm weather tends to deteriorate a car battery faster due to increased corrosion, heat distortion, and water loss.

If you live in an area with a warmer climate, check-in regularly with the nearest battery center to ensure your car battery lasts longer and performs better.

Knowing facts from fiction will help you avoid malpractice that could potentially do more damage to your battery. Proper care and maintenance will ensure your battery will be in great working order and will last as long as possible. 

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