Cargo Carrying Trucks: The Five Types to Know About

cargo carrying truck

There are varying types of cargo, so it follows that there are also multiple types of trucks equipped with different features that cater to the transporter’s and the products’ needs. To maintain the superb quality of the goods, a transporter must choose wisely. Before you can make an informed decision, you will need a basic introduction to the characteristics of common types of trucks. Take a look at this brief guide to learn more about different truck types.

Truck Trailer

This truck is fully enclosed, so it can shield the items from exposure to the elements. It will allow you to load and unload products swiftly. It also has a large loading volume, so there will be plenty of room for the cargo except for extremely lengthy ones. Its loading capacity is typically within the range of sixteen to twenty-five tonnes.

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Refrigerated Truck

The cargo bay of this truck has climate control options that will allow you to control the temperature to suit the needs of the transported goods. The contents will be unaffected by outside temperature. This feature enables a refrigerated truck to carry perishable products, such as produce, fish, and meat. It is, therefore, commonly used by food manufacturers, hotels, and supermarkets. However, this truck costs more than other truck types because it uses a lot more fuel to ensure that the temperature control system runs smoothly.

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Flatbed Truck

This truck consists of a cab with a flat space at the back. The cargo bay has no roof and sides. This feature allows you to load products from all sides of the cargo area. A flatbed truck usually has a loading capacity of fifteen to twenty-five tonnes. That makes it excellent for transporting large items, such as logs and bales of hay. It can even be used to carry a fleet of cars to a car show.

Tail Lift Truck

This one is relatively small compared to other trucks. What makes it unique is the lifting mechanism at its back. This feature makes it easier to load and unload boxes and crates into the vehicle. Usually, a tail lift truck can carry a maximum of 2,000 kilograms, depending on the capacity of the lifting platform attached to it.

Semi-Trailer Truck

Also known as an eighteen-wheeler, its appearance is similar to that of a huge pick-up truck. Various types of products can be transported with the use of this truck, so you will most likely encounter this one when you hit the road. With a maximum load capacity of approximately 24,000 kilograms, it is great for carrying stackable goods.

It is also ideal for travelling long distances. However, before you decide to make use of a semi-trailer truck, keep in mind that it can consume about 5.5 to 6.5 gallons of fuel per mile. The engine needs to burn a huge amount of energy to sustain its functions, especially if the truck is carrying a heavy load.

It is important to keep items intact from where they were harvested or manufactured until they reach the marketplace. Preserving the condition of goods depends on proper handling during shipment and the use of appropriate vehicles. Now that you are equipped with a basic knowledge of different truck types, you can finally assess the kind of truck you need for the transportation of your products.

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