Four Business Ideas That Cater to Fur Parents

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It’s safe to say that in 2021, more young adults are more likely to become fur parents than be actual parents to human babies. Fur babies are just easier to raise and cheaper to care for than real babies, especially once the costs of education are factored into the equation.

That’s partly the reason why the pet industry is on the rise. Since millennials and Generation Z, or Gen Zers, are intentionally opting out of parenthood in exchange for a child-free life, now is the best opportunity to take advantage of the situation, which you can do by starting your own pet business.

There are multitudes of niches that you can open your business in, from animal clothes to pet accessories. The only limit you will face is your imagination, so you have to let it run free. If you don’t know where to begin your journey as an entrepreneur, here are four pet-inspired business ideas that you can work with:

Specially-formulated Food

Just like humans, fur babies need sustenance in the form of treats and kibbles to get their daily nutritional intake. Cats and dogs also need nutritious meals so that they can grow up to become healthy adults that lead happier lives. And their fur parents see to it that they receive only the best of the best.

As an entrepreneur, you can begin to fill this gap in consumer demand by offering nutritional formulas for dogs. Of course, you will need to have a formal background in nutrition to create good recipes that are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and GMOs.

Fur parents are willing to go the extra mile for their fur babies, and you can help them take care of their pets by selling healthy food. You can create a line of food products such as kibble, treats, and protein formulas that will help fur parents everywhere raise healthy and happy pets.

Organic Shampoos

Pets also need to be groomed and washed at least once or twice a month, which means that they need their own personal care products. All fur parents know that they should never use human products on their pets because they aren’t safe for animals.

Most shampoo and soap formulas on the market are made of harsh toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and other preservatives. While using such products occasionally won’t have lethal consequences, constant exposure to the toxins might cause health complications for their fur babies later on.

To cater to this need in the market, you can create a line of organic pet shampoos that won’t harm fur babies. You can take advantage of the availability of ingredients in the market, from plant-based to biodegradable formulas. The world is your oyster, so maximize what it has to offer.

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Pet Photography

If you have a knack for both animals and photography, you can turn your passions into a profitable business by opening a pet studio. Human babies aren’t the only ones who can look cute in quirky costumes and accessories; fur babies and their fur parents can look just as cute, if not more.

Although professional portraits are more of a luxury than a necessity, you will surely come across fur parents who are willing to pay to get pictures of their fur babies taken. All you’ll need for this is a commercial studio, the right equipment, and amazing skills to get you started.

You can also become a professional pet photographer for hire, especially if your services are required for outdoor photo shoots. With this, you can capture the beauty and magnificence of pets in the natural world, where they are free to roam around and mingle with other pets.

Doggy Daycare

Fur babies are very low maintenance compared to human babies that require constant supervision, but that doesn’t mean that they can take care of themselves. That’s why there are sitters and daycare made especially for dogs because they still need minimal supervision. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent creatures.

To cater to full-time working fur parents or those that travel a lot, you can begin a doggy daycare of your own. Of course, you will need a commercial space for your daycare, as well as safe and supervised playrooms to ensure the fur parents that their babies are being taken care of.

Once you have managed to get your business off the ground, you can also diversify the services you offer. For instance, you can offer room and board for dogs that need a place to stay or a spa where the fur babies can be groomed while their parents are away.

The possibilities of pet-inspired businesses are endless; all you have to do is pick where you can be most comfortable. Running a business is not easy, but it can be incredibly fulfilling if you can do what you want and be paid for it. So be every fur parents’ best friend by giving them what they need.

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