Improving Your Office on a Tight Budget

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As a growing company, being struck by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a tough challenge that requires a lot of rebudgeting. Tightening your belts means having to compromise on things that you did not expect to.

Seemingly less important aspects, such as office remodeling efforts, usually take a backseat during these difficult times. But the truth is that your employees deserve to work in an office that encourages productivity. The atmosphere of your office space, which is largely built by the appearance of the workplace, affects employee well-being either positively or negatively.

Fortunately, there are a number of neat ways to modernize your workplace without going over budget.

Tips and Tricks for Remodeling Your Workplace

On a limited budget, you want to make changes that make the largest impact with the least cost. There are clever methods of accomplishing this while still keeping quality in mind.

1. Assess what needs most improvement and act upon it

Rash decisions are the biggest enemy when it comes to doing things on a strict budget. This is why you must make a thorough assessment of which parts of your workplace need renovating or repairing the most. Speak with employees to get a better grasp of this, too, as they are the ones who spend most of their time in office premises.

The things that urgently need your attention are safety and health hazards, such as leaks and loose wires. Issues that impede operations should also be attended to. Broken computers and faulty equipment should be repaired or replaced to allow employees to work smoothly.

Since sanitation is a much bigger concern now due to COVID-19, spend on deep cleaning of your premises, including your vents. Frequently used surfaces such as desks and seats should also be cleaned, or, better yet, buy new cushion covers to improve comfort.

2. Repaint rooms that need new life

Meeting rooms that look old and unkempt sometimes only need a better paint job to be brought to the present. Take this opportunity to update your meeting rooms and communal areas and align them with the branding of your company.

Have a specific color scheme and use it to unify the appearance of each room. However, pay attention to how light is reflected in each area. Lighter colors spread light around the room, while darker colors absorb it.

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3. Do some rearranging

Rearranging is a smart way to make your workplace better for everyone because it requires no purchases, but just a number of helping hands.

Rethink the current floor plan of your office while taking into account what your onsite staff needs now. Remember that since the pandemic occurred, employees are more conscious of their space. Keep this in mind as you move things around the workplace to give everyone ample room to work comfortably.

Another consideration is that the immediate response is usually to put up barriers and close up spaces to prevent contact. The flip side to this is that you increase the surfaces that people can touch. Decide on the best course of action as a whole team before rearranging.

4. Soften up the space

Many offices adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to overall office design. However, bright whites and exposed steel can be too tough on the eyes for workers who spend a significant amount of their day in the office.

Make the place softer by adding carpeting that will mute hard edges. Reinforce this even further by adding a couch, curtains, and cushions.

Adding these soft touches do not just make the space more pleasing to the eye. They also add an air of friendliness.

If a place is too stiff and intimidating, it invites the people who come in to feel the same way. Too many soft touches and it could discourage people from working entirely. Adding just some softer elements makes it easier for employees to settle into their workspace and get to work.

5. Introduce art and decoration into your office

An inexpensive way to improve the overall look of your workplace is to add tasteful decorations where appropriate. A bland, empty wall can be made new with an art piece or even some framed photos of company milestones and memories. Indoor plants can freshen the air and help improve moods, and, as a result, productivity.

In the effort to improve your office space on a budget, it is easy to go for temporary fixes instead, but these can cost you more down the line. Focusing on the biggest needs of the space and going from there helps you stick to your budget and create a better environment for your team.

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