5 Things First-Time Homeowners Should Buy for Their House


The pandemic may have upended the lives of people across the country, but it also saw many people owning a home for the first time. Home sales surged as people took advantage of the lower than usual interest rates.

Some new homes purchased during the pandemic were for rental businesses. But more than two million of these houses became owner-occupied homes or the people occupied the houses they bought. And many of them were first-time homeowners who may have covered all the financial requirements necessary for homeownership.

At this point, they should start acquiring items that they need to turn the house into a home. Here are the things first-time homeowners should get for their new home.

Drapes or Blinds

Buying drapes or blinds for the windows is important to ensure their privacy. Without drapes or blinds, their neighbors will be in an awkward position if they see can see everything inside the house. Allowing natural light into the house may be good for the homeowner’s health, but they also need some privacy from prying eyes.

Homeowners have several options for the drapes or blinds. They can get thermal insulated curtains, which allows them to keep heat in during winter. These curtains also prevent the cold from escaping when summer comes. Another option is to install decorative shades or dual-layer shades to keep most of the light out of the house. It also blocks the view from any prying eyes trying to look into the house.

New Lock

For homeowners who bought existing homes, they should replace the locks on the front door since they are not the first people to call the house their home. They can also install a deadbolt to enhance the security of their home.

Tech-savvy homeowners may also want to consider getting a smart lock. Smart locks require a code to open the door. With this, homeowners will not have to worry if they left the key inside the house. All they need to do is to remember the code.

Installing a smart doorbell can complement the smart lock homeowners will install on their front door. These doorbells feature a camera that allows them to see who is at the door even if they do not take a peek from the windows. Some models feature motion detectors that activate the camera whenever it detects movement at the front door.

Cookware Items

A home is not complete without cookware items in the kitchen. While these items offer their advantages and disadvantages, homeowners should get basic kitchen items that allow them to prepare and cook food. They should have pots, pans, a skillet, a cutting board, knives, measuring cups and spoons, a can opener, vegetable peeler, colander, and a casserole dish, among others.

First-time homeowners may want to get some pan lids for the kitchen since some items may not have them. These lids allow homeowners to saute or simmer food without worrying about oil splashing on them.

New homeowners can also get a microwave, toaster, and blender. These three kitchen appliances can make their job in the kitchen easier and faster. They do not need the high-end models, but they should make sure the appliances they get are functional. While many apartments come with a microwave, homeowners should check if it works.

Smoke Detectors

smoke detector

Keeping the home safe is important and homeowners should make sure they prepare for anything that may happen. Installing smoke detectors in different areas in the house can spell the difference between life and death for the homeowner. These devices allow homeowners to detect fire in any room of the house.

Aside from smoke detectors, new homeowners can also install carbon monoxide detectors. These devices allow them to know the presence of carbon monoxide inside the house. Since the gas has no odor, using a detector is important to provide early warning to homeowners

Tool Kit

A tool kit allows the homeowner to make minor repairs in the house. While they can borrow tools from their neighbors, it’s not practical to rely on them all the time. They can start by buying a tool kit that has everything on it from the hardware, including hammers, screwdrivers, and a measuring tape.

Homeowners can also assemble their tool kit by buying the tools individually and putting them in a storage container. While it may take time before they have everything they need, it can be a practical option for homeowners who have a tight budget.

Owning a home can be fulfilling for anyone who has been paying for rent his whole life. After buying a new home, people should make sure to buy items that are useful when they start their life as new homeowners.

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