5 Perfect Reasons to Use Plastic Bins in Your Business

row of nally bins

If you’re looking for containers that are durable and easy to maintain, you can never go wrong with a nally bin. These plastic bins are used in a variety of ways, and here are some things why it’s the perfect storage system for your business.

1. Easy to Clean

Nally bins make cleaning your storage areas easier and a breeze. As these are made with plastic, they can simply be cleaned with soap and water. Drying them is as easy as cleaning them; you can air dry them or wipe dry with a clean cloth.

2. Vented

No matter what type of item or product you’re storing, keeping these in a vented container is better as proper ventilation helps prevent moisture build-up inside the container which can affect anything kept inside it. Proper ventilation is key in keeping your items or products in good condition while it’s in storage.

3. Stackable

When choosing storage containers, go for the ones that are stackable so they don’t take up any more of your precious workspace. Stacking is also a great way to organise your storage and group containers by what’s inside it.

4. Comes with a Lid

If you want to have an additional protective cover for your container, nally bins also come with lids. These lids can also be purchased as accessories. Putting a lid on each bin makes storing and stacking even more convenient, and it provides additional stacking support, allowing you to maximise your vertical space by being able to pile the bins high.

5. FDA Approved Materials

These containers are made with food-grade safe materials so you can use them to store food items like fruits and vegetables, packaged snacks, dry goods, home supplies, work supplies, school and office supplies — the list is endless.

So if you’re looking for containers that are durable, easy to use and maintain and space-saving, nally bins are the perfect option for you. These containers last a long time, so you get to save on replacement expenses, too.

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