3 Useful Pointers for Expat Families with Children

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Expat living is not for everyone, but it can be such a rewarding experience for those who experience it. Being able to bring your family is one of the perks, but it can be challenging for children. Here are some pointers for parents who are moving to another country with their little ones:

Look for schools with minimal language barriers

Transferring your children to a new school in a new country can be both immersive and challenging. First of all, children are still young to appreciate the global education they are getting. Second, it is difficult to get through the day if you cannot understand the language to do even the simplest tasks. Look for a Dubai private school that offers several bilingual programs, such as German and French, and with English as the common language. This way, you can limit some of the challenges expat schoolchildren go through if they start in a new school.

Be part of a larger community

It is not that difficult to find and be part of a larger community in a new country. It just takes time, but it will be worth it. What is great about this is that there are many options to choose from. If you are Filipino, you can find Filipino communities in almost any part of the world, especially in Dubai. If you want to be more activity-centric, you can find clubs and classes that you are genuinely interested in, such as cooking classes, painting classes, and new moms clubs. You can even find one that is children-centric so you can bring your kids along.

Choose to spend time outdoors

If you are moving to another country with your kids in tow, it is best to find a neighbourhood that is in proximity to playgrounds, public parks, libraries, and schools. Encourage your children to spend time outdoors by going with them to parks and playgrounds. This way, you can meet some locals or fellow expats like yourself. Even going to cafes can be good for your kids, anything to encourage active play outdoors.

Consider these pieces of advice if you are moving to another country with your family. What is important is that you research ahead so you can simply put your plans into action once you move in.

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