3 Questions You Should Answer Before Buying a Disc Duplication Towers

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A few decades ago, DVD duplicators were costly and would only perform the primary tasks: burning. Today, DVD duplication towers are affordable, faster, and offer more functionality than before. However, despite the popularity, choosing a duplicator is not an easy task for the majority of buyers.

Below are three questions that you can answer to help you select disc duplication towers that suit your needs best.

1. What Discs Do You Intend to Duplicate?

A CD/DVD duplicator is right for the job if you only deal with DVDs and CDs. However, if your duplication jobs involve Blu-rays, you will need to get duplicators that can even handle both CDs and DVDs. DVD duplicators are slightly more expensive CD duplicators than the former due to its higher functionality capabilities.

2. What is Your Target Disc Number for one Duplication?

Answering this will guide you in determining the target discs you will require for each of your duplicating machines. The higher the disc number for duplicating at an instant, the more the target drives your duplicator should have.

It is, however, not a primary requirement that target drives equal your number of duplicate copies, especially in a case where you do large-scale duplication. You can make as many copies as that of the target drives in your duplicator and redo the duplication process until you reach your intended number of copies.

3. Any Extras?

If you need your duplicator to perform large duplication tasks, and at high speeds, speed and number of connectible components are two key factors to consider. The factors that will guide you include the quality of your discs, the write speed, and the duplicator’s drive speed.

Like any electronic product, you need to source your disc duplication towers from a reliable electronics supplier. Your choice of supplier can determine not only the quality of the product you will get but also the after sale services and warranty for your duplicator.

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